Biology 102 Spring, 2010

Study Guide #2 - McShaffrey

  1. What is succession?
  2. How does succession unfold?
  3. What is the relationship between succession and biomes?
  4. What characterizes climax and pioneer communities?
  5. How does a pioneer community differ from a climax community in terms of environment, biomass, energy consumption, nutrient cycling, species diversity, etc.?
  6. Where are temperate deciduous forests, temperate rainforests, tropical rain forests, and taiga found? What kinds of trees characterize them? What about their climates? Soils?
  7. How many humans will there be in 2050?
  8. How many humans are there now?
  9. How does industrialization create environmental problems?
  10. What is the biggest single water pollution problem in the US today?
  11. What are 4 types of air (water) pollution?
  12. What 4 things are necessary for biomagnification?
  13. How toxic is DDT to humans?
  14. Who was Rachel Carson? Stevie Nicks?
  15. What are some sublethal effects of DDT?
  16. List __ other materials that biomagnify.
  17. What modern pesticides have replaced DDT?
  18. How are modern pesticides different than DDT?
  19. What problems do modern pesticides solve? What new problems do they create?
  1. What are some other pollutants?
  2. What are 3 causes of cancer?
  3. For what 3 reasons may cells grow uncontrollably?
  4. What are the 2 types of tumors? Compare and contrast them.
  5. Distinguish between oncogenes and tumor supressors and give an example of how each might operate.
  6. What is p53? How does it work to supress tumors?
  7. What treatments are there for cancer? What are the advantages/ disadvantages of each?
  8. Distinguish between a sere and a seral stage.
  9. What are the 3 mechanisms of succession?
  10. What types of birds are more susceptible to biomagnification?  Why?
  11. How do mercury and PCB's get into water?  What problems do they cause?
  12. What problems do PCB's and Mercury cause when ingested?
  13. What is the difference between primary and secondary succession?  Can you give/recognize examples of each?


There will be questions asking you to complete tables

Other study hints:



Re-write your notes! - Ask questions in class! - Study with a friend. - Quiz each other. - Get a good night's sleep before the test.

Study Hints

Try concept mapping: Get some blank paper (try a recycling bin, use the back). Write down a key term (biomagnification). Now, draw lines from the term to blank areas on the page. Begin to add new information – 4 things that are necessary for biomagnification, 4 things that biomagnify, etc. Make links to the new topics. Continue until the paper is full. Start over with a new term.

Get in the Mood: Study early and often. If you can’t find a quiet place, tune out the background with lively, non-vocal music. A fast beat keeps you motivated; vocal would distract from processing language information (reading). Try Jazz or New-Age music, the same sort of thing you would listen to for jogging. David Sanborn, David Benoit, Peter White, Spyro Gyra, Mannheim Steamroller, even John Tesh (really) are all good bets.