Biology 102


Environmental Biology

Biology 102 - Spring, 2011

McShaffrey Section


This course is designed for students majoring in environmental science, environmental studies, education, as well as students needing a science sequence.



Readings for Raven & Johnson et al. Biology, 9th edition. 


Note: for 2012, all material has been transferred to MOODLE. Students currently enrolled in the class should log into Moodle for an accurate schedule, course readings, lecture notes, etc. The links below are old, the schedule has been changed, and the lectures will gradually be deleted from the server.


Syllabus (pdf) Assignments

Topic 1: Ecosystems - Read Chapter 57

Keystone Species 


Topic 2: Succession – Read Chapter 57 (57.5)
Exam 1 - Week of January 30th
Topic 3:  Biomes – Read Chapter 59
Topic 4:  Deforestation and  Desertification – Read Chapter 59 (59.5)
Topic 5: Nutrients, Nutrient Cycling and Energy Flow – Read Chapter 58
Exam 2 - Week of February 20
Topic 6.  Agriculture – Read Chapters 2.4, 5.4, 5.5, 36.2, 36.2, 38, 39, 59
Topic 7.   Biomagnification – Read Chapters 59.5, 39.5, 10.6
Topic 8.  Wetlands, Lakes and Streams – Read Chapter 59.3
Topic 9. Predations and Competition – Read Chapters 57.2, 57.3, 57.4 & 58.3
Exam 3 - Week of April 9th
Topic 10.  Oceans – Read Chapter 59.5
Topic 11.  Symbioses – Review Chapter 57.4
Topic 12.  Air Pollution – Review Chapter 59.5, 59.6
Topic 13 – Population Growth and Development – Read Chapter 56, 59 and 60
TTh 11:00-12:15 – Final Exam Tuesday, April 26th @ 12:00 – 2:30 PM
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Topic 1: Biomes, Human Impacts: Overview and Biomagnification 

     Ecosystems: Chapter 56,  57.2
     Ecosystems web page:
     Lecture Notes 01a:  Ecosystems         PowerPoint   

Note: password required to open lecture files

     Biomes: Chapter 58.1-58.4 
        Biomes Web Page   
           Lecture Notes 01b: Biomes              PowerPoint

         More on Competition (read through competition in details)

      Exam 1 -  February 3rd

Study Guide! (1)

Interpreting Exam Scores/How to Write Good Essays

Environmental Problems: Chapter 58.5
     How do humans affect ecosystems? Chapter 58.5
     How do environmental toxins move up the food chain?
  Biomagnification Web Page
          Critical Pollutants  

          EPA - PCB's
          EPA - PCB's and Health
          Heavy Metals in the Mississippi River    
          Mercury - overview 
          Mercury - USGS 
          Mercury - AEP
      Cancer - one effect of toxins  pp. 201-202
         Lecture Notes 01c: Human effects, biomagnification, cancer  





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Extra Credit:

PDF          Word

Complete this assignment.  While it won't be graded, if you do a good job it is worth up to 5 points. and is excellent study practice for the 2nd exam.  Due when we begin to cover biomagnification in class.  

Topic 2: Temperate Forests and Succession

          Temperate deciduous and temperate rainforests     Chapter 58.2, 
              Temperate Forests Web Page        European Forest Web Page       Temperate Rain Forest Web Page
           Succession/Fire Ecology/Mining     Section 56.5 
           Slide show - Succession (not available online - come to class!)
           Succession Web Page

           Lecture Notes 02 - Temperate Forests and Succession          PowerPoint
           Lecture Notes 02a -  Succession                                                   PowerPoint

Exam 2 -  Feb. 24th

Study Guide!!! (2)



Topic 3:  Tropical and Boreal Forests and Deforestation

           Tropical Rain and Dry Forests, Savanna, Taiga
    Chapter 58.2
           Tropical Rain Forest Web Page            Tropical Seasonal Forest Web Page   
            Taiga Web Page 

           Lecture Notes 03 - Tropical and Boreal Forests and Deforestation   PowerPoint
What is happening to forests? Sustainable forestry        
NASA - Tropical Deforestation
                 Consequences of Deforestation
                 Sustainable Forestry
Home Depot
           Nutrient cycling in ecosystems  - water and phosphorous     Section 57.1
           How do tropical rain forests hold onto nutrients?                                            
Ecology 59(3) pp. 434-437  


Homework 1


Due in Class.

March 3rd, 2010

pdf      doc Instructions

Topic 4:  Deserts, Desertification, Homeostasis & Survival 

     Deserts    Chapter 58.2 (section on deserts), 39.1 (desertification), 
                         43.7 (homeostasis), 5.4 (diffusion), 8.1, 8.7 (photosynthesis)

   Desert Web Page 
     Lecture Notes 04 - Deserts, Desertification, 
                    Homeostasis and Survival

     How do deserts spread?      
                 UN - Causes of Desertification
                 UN - Consequences of Desertification


Topic 5: Grasslands, Plants and Agriculture 


     Chapter 58.2 (section on grasslands),   Chapters 36, 38 & 39 
            Grasslands Web Page 
                 Lecture Notes 05 - Grasslands, Plants and Agriculture  PowerPoint

     Nutrient Cycling - Carbon and Nitrogen                           Section 44.4 (cycles)


Topic 6.  Wetlands, Lakes and Streams, Competition, Predation, Eutrophication

        Wetlands, Lakes and Streams                          Chapter 58.3
 Lakes and Aquatic Habitats  Lake Habitat Tour  Wetland Tour 
 Streams and Rivers Stream Habitat Tour

       Lecture Notes 6 - Wetlands, Lakes, Streams,  Predation,  Eutrophication

                                    Predation                            Section 56.3
       Eutrophication: pollution of aquatic habitats       Web Reading 

Study Guide! (3)

Exam 3 - Week of April 4th


Topic 7.   The Ocean  & Symbiosis                                                                                     

      The Ocean 
                                                          Chapter 58.4
      Symbiosis                                                           Chapter 56.4
       Symbiosis Web Page
                  Ocean Habitats

Take These Tours:

Ocean Tour  Fish of the Coral Reef Coral Reef Invertebrates
Mangrove Swamps Sandy Shores Rocky Shores

   Lecture Notes 7 - Oceans and Symbiosis         PowerPoint

Human Impacts on Oceans

Topic 8.  Acid Rain and Air Pollution

Lecture Notes 8 - Acid Rain and Air Pollution      PowerPoint

  Acid Rain Web Page


Due at NOON

Thursday April 21th

Homework 2

pdf   doc

Note: Homework Help Sessions:

Monday,  April 18th, 6:30pm
Tuesday, April 19th,  6pm


 Topic 9.  Human Population Growth

Reading:  Chapter 55.5-55.7

Population Reading - Word                              Population Reading - PDF




Final - Tuesday April 26th - 12:00-2:30

Study Guides/Lecture Notes


About the Sequence
About science
About ecosystems
About bioaccumulation and biomagnification
About grasslands, plants and agriculture
About temperate deciduous forests and succession
About tropical forests and nutrient cycling
About acid rain and soil erosion

On-Line Searching - A Tutorial

Environmental Biology JumpStation - Links to Environmental Sources on the WWW


Above: Students collecting data in Ecology Lab. The Biology 111 lab includes some field experiences.

Below:  These Students are analyzing water samples for bacteria as part of their  team project.  

Team Projects - 1996.  Pictures of a few student teams and their projects.

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