Below are pictures of some of the student-project teams in 1996.  Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of all the fine projects that were done.

Team Picture

This team studied the effects of different liquids on the germination and growth of bean seedlings.

Team Picture

What effect does road salt have on grass?  This team's work found the concentration of salt that would kill the grass or stunt its growth.

A student team with their plants on the misting bench in the rooftop greenhouse.  They exposed plants to varying concentrations of UV light, trying to understand a little about the possible effects of ozone layer depletion.  Mrika Robinson was one of their team members, not a plant they were studying!

Plants on the misting bench

Many of the student groups chose to study environmental impacts on plants.  Many find this ethically more sound than similar experiments on animals.  Students doing research projects in Biology 102 have access to virtually all of the Biology Department resources, including access to the rooftop greenhouse and its automated misting bench, pictured above.

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Modified 11/22/96