Biology 101 - Modern Biology

Dr. Dave McShaffrey

BIOL 101 Modern Biology C

Lecture course introducing fundamental concepts in biology, including ecology, evolution, heredity and DNA, human reproduction, and some physiological concepts.
Satisfies "Scientific Inquiry - with Lab," "B," when combined with Biology 105, 106 or 107.
Credit: 3 Hours





Learning Goals

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How to Print PowerPoint Notes Out For Class
Chapter 57 - Community Ecology  

Assignment 1

Due Sept. 13

Turnitin Instructions

Chapter 58 - Dynamics of Ecosystems  
Chapter 20 - Genes within Populations  

Assignment 2

Due October 5 (noon)

Chapter 21 - The Evidence for Evolution    
Chapter 22 - The Origin of Species    
Chapter 10 - Mitosis    
Chapter 11 - Meiosis    
Chapters 12 & 13 - Heredity & Chromosomes    
Chapter 53 - The Reproductive System    
Spilatro's quizzes    
Note:  Because the lectures contain copyrighted artwork from the textbook, you must have a password to open them.  The password will be given out in class.  I cannot give the password out by email, or to anyone other than students in the course (who have purchased the textbook).

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