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Marietta College M
W (Washington Semester Program to World Wide Web)

Washington Semester Program (top)
Capitalize it as long as it refers specifically to Marietta College's program. It is conducted at American University in Washington, D.C.

WCMO-FM, 98.5 (top)
It is a 10-watt radio station that went on the air on Oct. 1, 1960. WCMO broadcasts to the campus and local community a varied program including contemporary music, news from the Associated Press, and local events. The station operates during the academic year.

WCMO (TV) (top)
WCMO provides television programming to the Marietta Community on a semester-by-semester schedule on the local cable TV system.

WMRT-FM, 88.3 (top)
It is a 9,200-watt stereo station, broadcasts classical and jazz music, The Metropolitan Opera, local news, and some Marietta College sports. The station is staffed by students and broadcasts all year, 24 hours a day.

Web (top)
Capitalize in this informal reference; see World Wide Web.

Web addresses (top)
Italicize them or insert http:// and list them inside parentheses to avoid confusion with surrounding punctuation. Ex: For more information see Marietta's Admission Web site (admission.marietta.edu). Visit Marietta College on the Web (w3.marietta.edu).

webmaster (top)
One word and lower case.

Web page (top)
Two words (same for home page).

Web site (top)
Two words; list a pertinent Web address (see Web address entry) on everything that goes out and set it apart by putting it in italics.

who, whom (top)
In formal English "who" functions as a subject. (Ex: "Who was that?") "Whom" functions as an object. (Ex: "To whom was the letter sent?" [object of to]).

who's, whose (top)
"Who's" is a contraction. "Whose" is possessive.

William Chamberlain Gurley Observatory (top)
Located on the roof of Mills Hall and has an electrically driven dome for a six-inch Byrne refractor telescope built in 1882, and an observation platform.

Women In The Sciences (W.I.T.S.) (top)

Women's Choir (top)
Capitalize when referencing Marietta’s choir. The Women’s Choir is open to all students and performs a variety of musical styles suitable for female voices. No audition is required.

work force (top)
Two words.

work load (top)
Two words.

work place (top)
Two words.

work-study (top)
Note hyphen.

workstation (top)

World Wide Web (top)
Three separate words and no hyphen (note that in regular usage, worldwide is one word). Use the Web for casual reference.


Glossary for this Letter