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Marietta College M
U (Under Way to U.S.News & World Report)

under way (top)

United States (top)
Spell out except when using it as a descriptor (U.S. Department of Energy); can also use U.S. and States on second reference.

universities (top)
Use a hyphen when referring to a specific campus of a university system. (Example: University of Penn State-Behrend)

URL (top)
The term for addresses on the Web; the acronym stands for Universal Resource Locator, which need never be used. Never allow a Web address to break over two lines with a hyphen; break if necessary using a required soft return following a slash or other mark of punctuation that is part of the address. Try to avoid using a Web address at the end of a sentence, where the period ending the sentence may be seen as part of the address.

U.S.News & World Report (top)
Italicize. There is no space between U.S. and News.


Glossary for this Letter