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Marietta College M
R (RA to Russell Hall)

RA (top)
Acronym for resident assistant; no periods; plural is RAs, or resident assistants.

Rainbow Alliance (top)
Capitalize. The organization seeks to educate the campus and Marietta community on gay issues, gay politics, and gay culture while also promoting a safe environment for gay and lesbian students on the Marietta College campus.

range (top)
Constructions indicating a range (of time, for example) use an en dash, not a hyphen: 8 p.m.; 1992-1996; A-G; pages 144-152.

"re-" words (top)
Use hyphen only before words that begin with "e" or those needing clarity, such as recreation.

reading days (top)
The Saturday and Sunday before finals begin each semester.

re-creation (top)
Use hyphen when referring to "creating again" to avoid confusion with recreation.

residence halls (top)
Use instead of dorms.

resident assistant (RA) (top)
No periods in acronym.

résumé (top)
Since technology has made it easy to use diacritical marks, there is no need to risk confusion with "resume."

reunions and classes (top)
Do not capitalize. (Examples: 50th reunion class; the class of 1975’s 25th reunion)

RFP (top)
Request for Proposal; avoid as jargon.

Rhodes Scholar (top)
Chosen, in part because of their leadership ability, from a national pool of students for two to three years of graduate study at Oxford University.

Rickey Science Center (top)
Opened in 2003 and dedicated in April 2003. It is the result of gifts from David M. Rickey '78, the J&D Family Foundation and Jan E. Neilson. It is a complex of three connected buildings (Rickey, Selby and Bartlett) and is home to five science departments—biology and environmental science, chemistry, mathematics and computer science, physician assistant studies and physics.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (top)
Not Rock-n-Roll; no ampersand. Located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rollerblades (top)
Capitalize this brand name for inline skates.

room names (top)
Capitalize formal room names (Emeritus Chamber).

room numbers (top)
Do not capitalize the word "room," if used at all (Rickey 217 or Selby room 125).

R.S.V.P. (top)
Capitalize and use periods. The abbreviation for the French repondez s'il vous plait, it means please reply.

runner-up, runners-up (top)

Russell Hall (top)
Acceptable on first reference, but official name is Sophia Russell Hall. Co-ed residence hall for 149 first-year students.


Glossary for this Letter