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Marietta College M
P (Panhellenic Council to Psi Chi)

Panhellenic Council (top)
Capitalize. The governing body of all three sororities on campus. To be a member of the council, a Greek woman must be elected to the council by her chapter. The Panhellenic Council is in charge of recruitment and participates in Greek Week.

Parsons Field (top)
Located between Parsons Hall, McCoy Hall and Dyson Baudo Recreation Center, it is used for intramurals.

Parsons Hall (top)
Acceptable on first reference, but official name is Edward S. Parsons Hall. Former co-ed residence hall for 213 upper-class students that was demolished during the summer of 2012.

people (top)
In general, use this instead of persons. If someone uses "persons" in a quote or a signed letter, don't change.

percent (top)
Spell out the word in text. The % sign may be used in numerical charts and headlines. Percentages should always be represented by a numeral. (Ex: an increase of 3 percent, but a 3-percent increase; HEADLINE: Board approves 4% raise)

period (top)
Always place a period inside quotation marks.

periodicals (top)
See titles, composition.

Ph.D.s (top)
More appropriately, it should read "Ph.D. degrees." Other proper alternatives: doctoral degrees or doctorates.

Phi Alpha Theta (top)
National history honor society, installed its Gamma Mu chapter at Marietta College in 1950. The fraternity promotes the study of history and provides recognition for students who have distinguished themselves in this field. Membership requires a 3.0 overall GPA with 12 hours in history with at least a 3.1 GPA.

Phi Beta Kappa (top)
Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. It is the oldest national academic honor society in the United States. The Gamma of Ohio chapter at Marietta College was established in 1860; it was the third chapter in Ohio and the 16th in the nation.

Phi Sigma Iota (top)
Honor society whose members are elected from among outstanding advanced undergraduate and graduate students of foreign languages and literature, including Classics, Comparative Literature, Philology, Bilingual Education, and Applied Linguistics, as well as faculties of the institutions honored with a chapter. Honors undergraduate students with at least a B average in their entire college work, as well as in all courses in languages and graduate students with at least a B+ average.

phone numbers (top)
Use a hyphen (not parentheses, slashes, or periods) between the area code and the number; include "1" with toll-free number (1-800-555-1212). For campus extensions, use "ext." followed by space and four-digit number.

Pi Epsilon Tau (top)
National honor society for students in petroleum engineering, installed its Zeta chapter at Marietta in 1951. The society's purpose is to foster a closer bond among its members and the petroleum industry, and to maintain the high ideals and standards of the profession.

Pi Kappa Delta (top)
National honorary forensic society. Marietta's chapter, Ohio Zeta, was established in 1926. Students who have participated in intercollegiate debate and individual speech events are eligible for membership.

Pi Sigma Alpha (top)
National honor society in political science. Marietta's Psi Nu chapter was established in 2000. The organization promotes the study of politics and provides recognition for junior and senior students who have distinguished themselves in this field. Membership requires a 3.0 overall GPA with 12 hours in political science with at least a 3.1 GPA.

Pioneer Park (top)
Renamed Don Schaly Stadium on May 6, 2006. Opened in 1968 and has been the home to Marietta College's baseball team since. Was the site of the NCAA Division III World Series from 1976-87. Marietta won national championships at Pioneer Park in 1981, 1983 and 1986. See Don Schaly Stadium.

Pioneer Activites Council (top)
Formerly known as College Union Board until the fall of 2013 when it was renamed.

p.m./a.m. (top)
Use periods and lower-case letters. (Examples: 3 a.m.; 3:30 p.m.)

possessives (top)
Adds only an apostrophe to singular proper nouns ending in "s" ( Thomas' book ).

postdoctoral (top)
No hyphen; adjective only. Avoid in print the noun "postdoc," informal academic jargon for a postdoctoral position or research or funding, or for someone engaged in postdoctoral work.

postgraduate (top)
No hyphen; adjective only.

practice field (top)

President (top)
For Marietta College alumni magazine articles and other mostly alumni/student publications, the president's full name must be spelled out in the first reference (Dr. Jean A. Scott). Subsequent references may be made to President Scott. References to living past presidents (and their spouses) should be as follows: Lauren R. Wilson (Janie Wilson).


  • “Dr. Jean A. Scott is Marietta’s 18th president.”
  • “President Jean A. Scott was inaugurated in 2000.”
  • “The president greeted the incoming Marietta freshman students.”

Presidents at Marietta (top)

Joel Harvey Linsley 1835-46
Henry Smith 1846-55
Israel Ward Andrews 1855-85
John Eaton 1885-91
John Wilson Simpson 1892-96
Joseph Hanson Chamberlin *1896-1900
Alfred Tyler Perry 1900-12
George Wheeler Hinman 1913-18
Edward Smith Parsons 1919-36
Harry Kelso Eversull 1937-42
Draper Talman Schoonover 1942-45
William Allison Shimer 1945-47
William Bay Irvine 1948-63
Frank Edward Duddy Jr. 1963-73
Sherrill Cleland 1973-89
Patrick D. McDonough 1989-95
Lauren R. Wilson 1995-2000
Jean A. Scott 2000-12
Joseph W. Bruno 2012-present
  * Acting President

President's Home (top)
It is the College's oldest building as it was constructed in 1822 and was the home of John Mills, Class of 1867. The house is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

President's Scholarship (top)
Capitalize when referring to Marietta College's program. Provides an award of $6,000 to $9,000 annually for up to four years of study. To be eligible, a student must have at least a 3.50 grade point average and 1200 on the SAT or 27 on the ACT.

professor (top)
Title generally reserved for tenure-track faculty positions. Do not abbreviate "prof." when used without a name. When introducing a faculty member, use the full academic title, including assistant, associate, adjunct, visiting, etc., as needed, along with the person's name.

Long titles are more easily read after the name and surrounded by commas. (Jane Smith, associate professor of geology OR geology professor Jane Smith—the latter example is lower case because it is simply an adjective, not a formal title; it is also confusing because it does not indicate academic rank, only that she teaches geology.)

professorship (top)
See chairs, endowed.

program names (top)
Capitalize programs that address special interests and have the word "program" in the formal title, such as First-Year Program.

programs, academic (top)
As with academic departments, use uppercase when referring to Marietta's academic programs: International Studies, Latin American Studies, etc.

prices (top)
For tickets, admission, etc.: list the price to the general public first, followed by that for students, faculty and staff. (Ex.: Admission to theatre department's production is $4 ($1 students).)

PSEO (top)
Post Secondary Enrollment Options

Psi Chi (top)
National honor society in psychology. To be selected for membership, a student must have at least a 3.0 GPA, be ranked in the top 35 percent of his or her class and have completed 12 semester hours in psychology. This organization promotes the study of psychology and recognizes students who have distinguished themselves in the field.


Glossary for this Letter