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Marietta College M
N (National Science Foundation Fellowship to Numbers)

National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowship (top)
NSF Fellows are chosen from a national pool of students for a three-year fellowship.

Native American (top)
Preferred to Indian. When possible, be precise and use the name of the tribe nation.

newspapers (top)
See titles, composition.

news release format (top)
For guidance regarding news releases, call the director of College Relations, who handles distribution of Marietta news, at ext. 4408.

nicknames (top)
List nicknames, surrounded by quotation marks, only when the formal and preferred names are unexpectedly different. (OK: William "Buzz" Smith; DON'T: William "Bill" Smith)

Nine Core Values (top)
At the center of a Marietta education are Nine Core Values that form the foundation for all the College does. They are: Liberal Arts Foundation, In-Depth Programs of Study, Residential College, Technology, World of Work, Financial Planning, Service to the Region, Leadership and Internationalization.

No. (top)
Use this capitalized abbreviation for number when referring to a position or rank. (Ex: The Pioneers are No. 1 in the region; No. 4 option)

nonfiction (top)

nonprofit (top)
No hyphen. Depending on the organization, "not-for-profit" may be preferred. Refer to Marietta College as an independent, liberal arts college (only use nonprofit for postal purposes).

noon (top)
Use this rather than 12 p.m.

NSF (top)
National Science Foundation

numbers (see also No.) (top)
In general, spell out zero through nine (and first through ninth) and give numerals for 10 and above (10th, etc.). Fractions, such as two-thirds, should be spelled out. If paired with a whole number, use the decimal system: 2.25. Percentages, measurements, GPAs and ages should always be represented by numerals. Headlines: use numerals, even for 1-9.


Glossary for this Letter