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Marietta College M
L (L.H.D. to Low-tech)

L.H.D. (top)
Doctor of Humane Letters degree. Be explicit in the text that this is an honorary degree: "He received the honorary L.H.D. Degree."

Lambda Chi Alpha (top)
Established at Marietta in 1925, the fraternity creates a family relationship among its members. Its mission is to bring together a group of young men who will be congenial, loyal, and helpful to one another. Lambda Chi Alpha recognizes that during his college years a student's first priority must be his scholastics. Members also support their local communities through community service and philanthropic efforts.

Lambda Pi Eta (top)
Official communication studies honorary of the National Communication Association. To be eligible for membership, a student must have completed at least 60 semester hours, of which 12 must be in communication studies, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, have a communication studies GPA of 3.25, and be in the upper 35 percent of one's graduating class.

Latino/Latina (top)
Refers to a person (based on gender) whose ancestors come from Latin America. Latino American is the common reference (regardless of gender) to U.S. citizens from Latin America.

Leadership Q&A (top)
The Leadership Q&A is an informal meeting where the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business invites influential leaders to come to the center and speak with students.

lectures/presentations (top)
Put the full titles of lectures in italics.

Legacy Grant (top)
Capitalize when referring to Marietta College program that provides awards to children and grandchildren of Marietta College graduates. The award is for $3,500 and is renewable for up to four years of study.

Legacy Library (top)
In October 2005, Laura Baudo Sillerman '68 and Robert Dyson '68 pledged $5 million each to fund a new library on the Marietta College campus. In May 2007, Sillerman and Dyson were part of a groundbreaking ceremony where the name Legacy Library was announced. Construction on the $17.5-million, 53,000-square-foot facility began in June 2007 and it opened in January 2009. In addition to the expected library features, the new building will provide: The Center for Teaching Excellence, with an experimental classroom; expanded growth space for archives and special collections; cyber café and 24-hour study space; display areas for artwork. In addition to the initial $10 million start-up funding, the College also received $2 million from Eric '63 and Barbara Dobkin '65 for the Jack E. and Betty O. Prince Forum, and $2 million from Dave '78 and Brenda Rickey for the Rickey Information Commons.

Lexis-Nexis (top)
An online database used for searching periodicals.

liberal arts college (top)

library (top)
Use lower case in generic use and when speaking of the Marietta College library. Formal title is Dawes Memorial Library. The library also houses the Special Collections. In May 2007, Dawes Library will be razed as construction on a new library (not yet named) will begin. It is expected to open in January 2009.

lifelong (top)

Lindamood-Van Voorhis Boat House (top)
Named in honor of longtime coach Ralph Lindamood and Dale Van Voorhis '63, it is located three-fourths of a mile from campus on the west bank of the Muskingum River and houses the College's crew racing shells.

Little Sibs Weekend (top)
Capitalize. This event is held in the spring semester.

LL.D. (top)
Doctor of Laws degree. Be explicit in the text that this is an honorary degree.

Long Blue Line, The (top)
Capitalize when referring to Marietta College's alumni.

longtime (top)
One word as an adjective.

low-tech (adj.) (top)


Glossary for this Letter