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Marietta College Visual Identity Guidelines

A strong and consistent visual identity provides an opportunity for key audiences to instantly and positively recognize an organization's message and mission.

Approved by the Marietta College President and Cabinet in 2006, the Visual Identity Guidelines help the campus community to use Marietta's visual identity marks consistently and to represent Marietta College in the most effective manner possible.

This site features specific illustrations and examples of approved uses of the Marietta College logo and visual identity program, including:

Erwin Tower

Official visual identity marks, including the College’s logo, seal, and athletics logos College colors and type faces
Business Card Mousepad

Examples of College print materials (letterhead, envelopes, and business cards) and instructions for their use

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Important trademark and merchandising information
PowerPoint Templates
Download the Logos

PowerPoint Templates (.pot)

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Marietta College Style Guidelines

Produced by the Office of College Relations, the Marietta College Style Guidelines is one of many resources available to assist the campus community in preparing electronic and print communications that accurately and consistently achieve their intended purpose while reflecting the excellence of Marietta College. Available as a PDF and a series of Web pages, this resource will enable the campus community to produce effective, accurate and consistent copy for College communications.

Written communications include all forms of:

  • advertising materials
  • booklets
  • brochures
  • fliers
  • invitations
  • newsletters
  • programs
  • Web pages

Editorial style at Marietta closely follows the Associated Press Stylebook and Webster's New World College Dictionary, for all communications. In some instances, the AP Stylebook is superseded by College style for matters pertinent to Marietta.

These guidelines are intended to help achieve consistency, but style can always change with usage or context. These rules are not set in stone. They may be adapted, or even ignored, when necessary for clarity, accuracy and precision.

If you have a style question that is not addressed in the Style Guide, consult the AP Stylebook.

Correspondence by offices and departments need not follow the AP Stylebook or the MC Style Guide. But the Style Guide contains helpful information in regards to MC style, and you may wish to consult it when composing correspondence.

Questions regarding visual identity guidelines and requests for additional materials can be directed to:

Ryan Zundell
College Art Director

Erwin Tower

Stone M

We appreciate your interest and welcome your comments.

Questions regarding these guidelines and suggestions for style points can be directed to:

Tom Perry
Director of College Relations