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Marietta College Reverses and Type Faces

Marietta College's visual identity is based on a system of official graphic marks, coordinated to help the public easily identify the College and to promote Marietta's distinctive features and visibility among its many important audiences.

Acceptable Colors

Marietta Blue Marietta Blue
(PMS 281 Coated;
PMS 295 Uncoated)
Metallic Silver Metallic Silver
Black Black White White, in a reverse-out application


Readability and clarity are critical elements of Marietta's visual identity marks. Dark inks on light papers offer the best effect. Designers should take care that any use of a reverse-out effect offers a high contrast for maximum legibility.

To reverse out of a photo or illustration, the area chosen for the reverse should be as dark and solid as possible, avoiding patterns that could make reading difficult.

An incorrect reverse (above) does not offer enough contrast between the logo and the background.

A correct reverse (below) creates a crisp logo that is easy to read.

If PMS 281 or black are not used in your publication, reverse the visual identity mark in white from the darkest color.

When printing a logo in a standard reverse, you must use the reverse logo. Adding an outline to the image will result in an incorrect usage (see example at above right).

Please contact the Office of College Relations at ext. 4715 for a custom electronic file.

Patterned Backgrounds

All marks should not be used on patterned backgrounds if at all possible. If there is a question that arises about the useability on a patterned background please feel free to consult the College Art Director about the logo usage.

Hot Stamping and Embossing

Designs that incorporate hot stamping or embossing of any Marietta College's visual identity marks should be produced in conjunction with the Office of College Relations. Hot stamping and embossing options are generally limited to navy blue, black, silver or a blind emboss.

Recommended Type Styles

The recommended type styles for Marietta College's stationery and campus-wide marketing materials are listed below. These type styles possess a dignified, easy-to-read quality and their use is encouraged for body copy in brochures, newsletters, advertisements, and other communications. If you have a question about a font usage please contact the College Art Director (740) 376-4715.



All of the Marietta College visual identity marks (the logo, seal, and athletic logos) must appear in their entirety in either:

  • Marietta Blue (PMS 281 coated, PMS 295 uncoated),
  • black,
  • metallic silver, or
  • in white for reverse-out applications.

Since white is one of Marietta's official colors, white paper is usually a better choice than off-white or colored papers for printed publications, and provides a white background when reversing out Marietta's visual identity marks.