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Marietta College Print Materials

Since white is one of Marietta's official colors, white paper is usually a better choice than off-white or colored papers for printed publications, and provides a white background when reversing out Marietta's visual identity marks.


Marietta College's official letterhead may be ordered by contacting the Office of College Relations. Campus entities may order standard institutional letterhead, or letterhead customized for their individual school, office, department, or program as shown below.

To maintain consistency and professionalism in all College correspondence, individual campus entities or persons may not design their own letterhead.


Login and download the generic Marietta College Fax Cover Sheet (PDF) and Letterhead (Word) .



The standard address block used for all Marietta College envelopes and labels is illustrated below. The Office of College Relations coordinates an annual envelope order for all campus entities each spring, but will produce envelopes throughout the year as requested.


Correct address block for Business Reply Mail:

Business Cards

To maintain a consistent and professional image for Marietta College, the business card formats illustrated below will be used for all campus personnel. Individual campus units or persons may not design their own Marietta College business cards. The only exception is the Marietta College athletic department which follows their own visual identity guidelines.


Correspondence Style Guidelines

To provide a more standardized, professional look for Marietta College correspondence, the College suggests that the letter use the following margins:

  • At least a 2" margin from the top of the page.
  • A 1" margin at both the right and left.
  • A 1 1/4" margin should be set at the bottom of the page.

Letters should be printed in 11 point Arial (sans serif ) or Times New Roman (serif) font and should follow the format shown below.

Fax Cover Sheet

Login and download the Fax Cover Sheet (PDF).


To order letterhead, envelopes and business cards, call the Office of College Relations, Director of Printing and Production at (740) 376-4727.