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Marietta College Visual Identity Marks

Marietta College's visual identity is based on a system of official graphic marks, coordinated to help the public easily identify the College and to promote Marietta's distinctive features and visibility among its many important audiences.

The following images are the official visual identity marks of Marietta College.
To promote strength and consistency—and to protect important trademark registrations—use of these marks should adhere to the graphic standards outlined on this site.

MC Logo

Official Marietta College Logo

In the summer of 2006, the Marietta College President and Cabinet officially approved this logo to serve as Marietta College's primary visual identity mark of the institution for use on its stationery package, merchandise, and all printed and electronic publications.

The Marietta College logo is the primary visual identity mark of the institution and is to be used on stationery, merchandise, and all printed and electronic publications intended for off-campus use.

  • The Marietta College logo is comprised of carefully crafted customized artwork and type. As such, the College requires that electronic files or camera-ready art be used to create all forms of communication.
  • Any attempt to re-create the art, type, or spacing and styling of the logo by desktop publishing or word processing will result in inconsistencies that will compromise the integrity of the logo.
  • The recommended minimum reproduction size of the Marietta College logo is 3/4" in width. Reducing the logo further compromises the integrity of the icon and the readability of the wordmark.

Unit-Specific Logos

The Marietta College name and reputation are strong, and as such, they are an asset to entities on campus, a fact that reduces the need for individual unit-specific logos. The overwhelming majority of entities on campus are represented visually by the Marietta College logo, customized to the name of their individual entity.

Unit Sample

This unit-specific logo represents individual campus entities on all stationery, merchandise, and printed and electronic communications.

These entities include, but are not limited to: Administrative offices and their respective departments (i.e. those that report to the Office of the President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors).

Former logos or wordmarks previously used by these entities should be retired from use.

"Grandfathered" Exceptions

A limited number of individual campus entities are able to use their own logos or wordmarks, due to unique cultural or historical significance, funding provisions, or an established strong identity with certain key audiences. However, to demonstrate a close connection to Marietta College, the College logo must also appear on the entity's letterhead, merchandise, and printed and electronic communications.

Student-Funded Clubs and Organizations

Due to their nature and frequent changes in leadership, student clubs and organizations recognized by Marietta College and funded primarily by students may use their own logos and wordmarks when communicating with an on-campus audience. When communicating off campus, they must use the official Marietta College logo or the phrase "A Student Organization of Marietta College" in conjunction with their own logo or wordmark.

Acceptable Colors and Format

The logo must always contain both the icon and the wordmark, and must always be printed in a one-color format. Acceptable colors are:

Marietta Blue Marietta Blue
(PMS 281 Coated;
PMS 295 Uncoated)
Metallic Silver Metallic Silver
Black Black White White, in a reverse-out application
  The logo must be produced at 100% of the color.
Screening the logo is not an acceptable usage.
Minimum Reproduction The recommended minimum reproduction size of the Marietta College logo is 3/4” in width. Further reducing the logo compromises the integrity of the icon and the readability of the wordmark.

Incorrect Logos



Official Marietta College Seal

Historically, institutional seals were used to authenticate official messages. Their design is purposefully intricate and descriptive. The Marietta College seal is the official ceremonial mark of the institution.

The College Seal is reserved as the official ceremonial mark of the institution for usages such as:

  • official documents,
  • diplomas,
  • citations, and
  • special signature items.

The College Seal should not be used routinely on print or electronic communications or merchandise. Use of the seal must be approved by the College Art Director and artwork may only be obtained by contacting the Office of College Relations at ext. 4715.

To ensure consistency, the hands in the shield should not be used as a separate image, the artwork and text inside the seal should not be altered in any way, and all previous versions of the College seal should be retired from use.

The illustrations below demonstrate many, but not all, incorrect usages of the seal:


Official Marietta College Athletic Logo

MC Athletics

In November 2002, Marietta College introduced a new system of athletic visual identity marks.

All athletic logos are reserved for the use of the Marietta College Department of Athletics, which has developed its own graphic standards to direct these logos' specific use.

To obtain a copy of the Athletics Visual Identity Guidelines, call the Marietta College Art Director at (740) 376-4715.


The "Erwin Tower" oval icon represents Marietta College's history of commitment to academics and to its liberal arts foundation. This logo has been used since the mid-1980s but had not, until now, been "officially" designated as the logo of Marietta College.

The first option in any printing of the College logo would be to use the entire logo, but there are cases where the Tower Icon may be used.

Please contact the College Art Director: (740) 376-4715, about specific uses of the Tower Icon.



All of the Marietta College visual identity marks (the logo, seal, and athletic logos) must appear in their entirety in either:

  • Marietta Blue (PMS 281 coated, PMS 295 uncoated),
  • black,
  • metallic silver, or
  • in white for reverse-out applications.

Since white is one of Marietta's official colors, white paper is usually a better choice than off-white or colored papers for printed publications, and provides a white background when reversing out Marietta's visual identity marks.



Correct and Incorrect
Color Matching