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Marietta College Visual Identity Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an identity program necessary?

Marietta College is a single institution, a trademark that stands for quality higher education and a variety of other programs. Because of the College’s diversity, it is necessary to establish a set of guidelines that establish Marietta's identity under one unified set of standards.

What has been the process to implement the identity program?

The launch of the identity Web site and the introduction of two stylebooks (visual and editorial) on Oct. 9, 2006, culminates approximately one year of campus interviews, design, comments, and standards development for both print and electronic formats.

While College Relations was developing standards nearly three years earlier, the process became official when the College's Board of Trustees charged the department to develop standards.

Why must we use this system?

When communicating with audiences, we must keep in mind the overall College goals, which should be the foundation to all activities within our units.

Brand identity is the first message communicated to the audience. It is the first step toward recognition and sets the stage for reaching institutional goals. It is also important to remember our audiences view Marietta College from their perspective, not our own. Audiences don't see administrative or academic dividing lines.

The College realizes some campus entities have developed an identity system (type treatments, logos, etc.) over the years. While personal attachments to these systems are understandable, remember the intent of creating the visual identity was to present Marietta College under a unifying visual element in which no single group would supersede the identity of the overall institution. Simply put, the parent brand, Marietta College, adds value to the sub-brands.

How does the official College seal fit into the identity program?

Reproduction of the official seal is not permitted in any form unless specifically authorized by the President's Office. In an effort to maintain the integrity of Marietta College’s seal, it will now be used on a limited basis and reserved for appropriate items (diplomas and official documents).

Who may use the Marietta College Pioneer logo?

The Pioneer logo was designed specifically as the official mark of College athletic teams and should be used only to represent Marietta athletics.

What happens to previously used school logos, marks and other unit identifiers?

All individual unit logos, marks and identifiers provide opportunities for our audiences to become confused and less able to distinguish the Marietta College identity in an already overcrowded graphic marketplace. As a result, these are to be phased out over time allowing for individual units with time and investment in these competing brands to “sell” through or use up their existing stocks of stationery or novelty items etc.

In the future, these marks or the development of new ones will be expressly and implicitly prohibited. The only exceptions are the redesigned patches for Marietta College's Police and the Physician Assistant Studies Program. (The patches are used for their uniforms only.)

How will the new graphic standards affect exterior signage around campus?

The sign system that currently exists on campus will change slightly over time. Colors, materials, and sizes will remain the same.

The new logo already has been incorporated into new signs that were ordered in the past few months. As new signs are ordered the College will incorporate the new standards.

What should I do with materials (stationery, letterhead, business cards etc.) that do not meet the new standards?

Again, we encourage you to use your entire inventory of old materials. However, when it is time to reorder you must use the new mark to be consistent with the rest of your colleagues on campus.

Will the new identity take into account items such as vehicles and trash receptacles?

Wherever the Marietta wordmark or logo is used, the new identity eventually will need to be incorporated. Guidelines for vehicular identification, including those of the Marietta College Police Department and Physical Plan, will be updated as new vehicles are purchased.

Where may I find the identity guidelines?

The official identity Website address is:

Please consult these guidelines when planning for, or ordering, new stationery, publications, gift or commemorative items, and other materials. On this site, you can print out a copy of both the visual guidelines and style guidelines.

In addition to the Web site, College Relations staff is available to help interpret the guidelines for your particular project. College Relations will also make available compact disks with the logo, guidelines, etc.

Who are the principal people charged with the responsibility of maintaining the new identity program, and what are their respective roles?

Tom Perry, Director of College Relations

Tom is the primary contact for day-to-day issues regarding the College's visual identity system. He will be able to answer questions regarding technical, licensing, usage and trademark issues. He is one of two people who monitors and approves the proper usage of the wordmarks on- and off-campus.

Ryan Zundell, Art Director

Ryan supervises the design of College materials and he takes primary responsibility for identity program interpretation and application, along with quality control.

Chris Craig, Webmaster,

Chris oversees the usage of the graphic identity system on Marietta's Web site.

Carolyn Grammer, Director of Printing & Production,

Carolyn supervises the campus print shop and is the contact to order business cards, stationery and other business materials.

Each of these individuals will be happy to answer your questions or help you in working on your next project in compliance with the new Marietta College standard graphic identity program. Please feel free to contact them should you need any assistance.

Is there an approval process a department should adhere to before producing any product?

If a job is produced through the Office of College Relations, then it meets the guidelines and will receive an approval number for the vendor responsible for producing the job.

If, for some reason, a department produces a piece that carries the Marietta College logo, but has not been produced by College Relations then that job will need to be approved by College Relations. The person or department developing a job needs to submit a copy of the project to College Relations in person or by email to

The project will then be reviewed by the College Relations staff (to ensure the logos and colors are correct, not for aesthetics) and will be either returned for adjustments to be made or approved and assigned an approval number.

An approval number is required before a vendor may begin working on that job. The approval process is not intended to slow down the production of a job and it will be done in as timely a manner as possible.