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Marietta College Accent Colors

Accent colors provide an opportunity to expand the color palette when working on a College document while complementing the Navy Blue and White colors associated with the Logo and Wordmark.

Several possible accent colors appear below, followed by instructions on how to select the colors in Photoshop.

Pantone 116 Pantone 124
Pantone 181 Pantone 376
Pantone 557 Pantone 576
Pantone 1805  


Select a Pantone color in Photoshop

  • Click the Color Picker.
    I.e., the "Set foreground color" / "Set background color" on the Tools Window.
  • Click the "Custom" button.
  • Select the Book:
    "PANTONE solid coated"

  • Find a color that complements the College's Navy Blue and White Logo. (For additional suggestions, contact the Art Director.)
  • Click "OK."

Additional suggestions for accent colors are available by contacting:

Ryan Zundell
College Art Director