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Marietta College M
I (ID to Izzy's)

ID (top)
Do not use periods when referring to identification (plural: IDs).

incorporated (top)
Capitalize and spell out or abbreviate (Inc.) according to a company's official title. If that's unclear, abbreviate. Do not precede with a comma (media style).

independent study (top)
Allows students the opportunity to complete course work not otherwise offered.

Indian (top)
Someone from India. ("Native American" is recommended when referring to "American Indians.")

initials (top)
Use periods and no space between initial letters of someone's name.

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) (top)
Provides U.S. colleges and universities with the means of offering study abroad.

Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) (top)
Capitalize. Marietta's town and gown program is known as Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR). Do not capitalize when making a general reference to town and gown relations. Marietta College's program involves a number of both day and night courses open to the general public for a nominal charge of $25. Enrollment is contingent upon space availability and instructor approval.

Interfraternity Council (top)
Capitalize. Aids in the growth and development of each fraternity, maintains good relations with the College and Marietta community, sustains an atmosphere of good will and harmony under which each fraternity may effectively function, and provides a medium of communication and cooperation between each group.

Internet (top)
Capitalize. Reference to the Net is also acceptable.

internships (top)
Allow students to receive academic credit for supervised work experience.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (ICF) (top)
ICF is to build collegiate fellowships, develop disciples who embody biblical values, and engage the campus in all its ethnic diversity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ICF is geared to train and support Christian students through other students and a trained professional staff. Any student, faculty, or staff member is welcome to attend.

intramural sports/intramurals (top)

Investigative Studies Program (top)
Capitalize it as long as it refers specifically to Marietta College.

Nutgraph used by College Relations

Launched in 1998, the Investigative Studies Program embraces three goals: to provide students with an opportunity to pursue their research and creative interests in a manner not found in a typical class setting, to promote intellectual curiosity and stimulate creativity in students in an academic discipline or between disciplines, and to foster a sense of learning, sharing and commitment with a community of scholars. Designed for Marietta College's most academically gifted and highly motivated students, the Investigative Studies Program provides summer grants for undergraduates interested in pursuing special research and creative projects, as well as travel grants for presentation of findings at regional and national conferences. The program funds projects across the disciplines and is aimed at the kind of student interested not only in learning knowledge, but also in discovering and creating it.

Irvine Administration Building (top)
Official name is William Bay Irvine Administration Building, but Irvine Administration Building acceptable on first reference. Occupied by the President, Provost, Advancement, Alumni Relations, College Relations, Registrar and business office. William Bay Irvine is a 1917 graduate and the College's 12th president.

IT (top)
Jargon abbreviation for information technology, but do not use.

it's, its (top)
Often misused. Its is the possessive form of the pronoun it. (Ex: "College Union Board decided its rules were too strict.") It's is a contraction for it is or it has. (Ex: "It's easy to make this mistake.") HINT: A quick way to check if you've used the correct version is to read the sentence back to yourself, inserting "it is" in place of it's or its to determine if it still makes sense.

Izzy's (top)
Snack bar located in Andrews Hall. Food and services are supplied by the College's food service provider, Parkhurst Dining.


Glossary for this Letter