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Marietta College M
H (Hacky Sac to Human Resources Office)

Hacky Sac (top)
Capitalize the trademark name of the footbag.

Hanukkah (top)
This spelling is preferred over Chanukah.

Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness (top)
An integrated wellness center offering services in three areas: Health Services, Counseling & Psychological Services and Sexual Assault Prevention. The facility is located in Harrison Hall.

Harrison Hall (top)
A $24 million, 105,000-square-foot residence hall that opened in August 2012. It includes the Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness and housing for 364 students.

headlines (top)
Capitalize the first letter of the first word in a headline and other proper names (Example: "Advancement reaches fundraising goal in record time"; "Baseball team's DeSalvo honored by Ohio Athletic Conference"). When using quotation marks in headlines, use single marks instead of double. Shortcuts, such as numerals and %, are acceptable.

health care (top)
Two words. When used as a compound adjective (health care provider), do not hyphenate it.

Hermann Fine Arts Center (HFAC) (top)
Acceptable on first reference, but official name is Grover M. Hermann Fine Arts Center. Houses the Edward E. MacTaggart Department of Music on the second and third floors. Also home to the Art Department, which exhibits on both the second and third floors, and Theatre Department, which uses the Friederich Theatre and two side stages.

high-tech (adj.) (top)

Higher Learning Commission (HLC) (top)
The organization that accredits Marietta College.

his/her (top)
Do not use this construction when trying to be gender sensitive in an article. Instead, alternate between using his and her.

Hispanic (top)
A person whose ancestors come from Spain. See Latino.

historic (top)
When preceded by an article, use "an" (an historic day).

holidays and holy days (top)
Capitalize official well-known celebrations. (Examples: Christmas Day, Fourth of July, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine's Day)

home page (top)
Two words. The front page of a particular Web site.

Homecoming (top)
Capitalize it as long as it refers specifically to Marietta College's event. It's acceptable to include the year (Example: Homecoming 2006 or Homecoming '06).

honorary degrees (top)
LL.D. degree is the Doctor of Laws degree, and L.H.D. degree is Doctor of Humane Letters degree. Be explicit in the text that these are honorary degrees.

Honors Program, The (top)
Capitalize it as long as it refers specifically to Marietta College. Offers students with high scholastic ability and keen intellectual curiosity a stimulating and challenging academic environment in which to pursue their education.

Human Resources Office (top)
Should be plural.


Glossary for this Letter