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Marietta College M
G (Gamma Sigma Alpha to Ground-Breaking)

Gamma Sigma Alpha (top)
Promotes the advancement of the Greek community, fosters the advancement of education among Greeks, instills a greater spirit of cooperation among Greek students and organizations, encourages excellence in scholarship, and fosters intellectual interaction between Greek students and the Academic Community. Students of junior or senior status with a 3.5 cumulative GPA are eligible.

Gathering Place, The (top)
An additional student center that was transformed from an empty supermarket building located on the corner of Seventh and Butler streets. Activities in the building include pool tables, video games, air hockey, ping pong, darts, foosball and a big-screen television. Also the location for many sponsored-shows such as comedians, small concerts and other programs.

Gilman Center (top)
Opened in 1958 and an extension was added in 1961. Second floor was renovated in 2000 with the addition of a cyber cafe and other improvements in 2005. Houses the main dining facility, a smaller dining option known as Gilman Express, the Career Center, postal facilities and the College's bookstore.

Gilman Dining Hall (top)
Main dining facility located in Gilman Center.

Gilman Express (top)
Secondary dining option located in the Gilman Center, which offers quick prepackaged meals and snacks.

grade point average (GPA) (top)
No hyphen because the noun is "point average." Acronym is GPA (no periods).

grading system (top)
Midterm and final letter grades and their equivalents in quality points at Marietta College are:

A+ = 4.00 B+ = 3.33 C+ = 2.33 D+ = 1.33
A = 4.00 B = 3.00 C = 2.00 D = 1.00
A- = 3.67 B- = 2.67 C- = 1.67 D - = 0.67
      F = 0.00

graduate (top)
At Marietta, students who graduate do so at Commencement, not at graduation. Marietta does not have a graduation ceremony.

Note the verb "to graduate" applies only to bachelor's (undergraduate) degrees. A successful graduate student earns or receives a degree, but does not graduate.

Graduate and Continuing Studies (top)
Official name is Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies. Formerly called Office of Graduate Program and Continuing Education.

graduate programs (top)
Marietta College offers two graduate degrees:

  • Master of Arts in Psychology (M.A.P.)
  • Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (M.S.P.A.S)

The College has discontinued offering:

  • Master of Corporate Media (M.C.M.)
  • Master of Arts in Liberal Learning (M.A.L.L.)
  • Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.)

Greek (top)
In reference to fraternities and sororities, avoid this word when possible. If it is
unavoidable, use it only as an adjective and capitalize it.

Greek Council (top)
Capitalize when referring to Marietta's Greek Council. It is the governing body of all Greek letter organizations on campus. Membership is comprised of the presidents from each of Marietta's Greek chapters. Greek Week is one of the traditional and major programs sponsored by Greek Council.

ground-breaking (adj.), groundbreaking (n.) (top)


Glossary for this Letter