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Marietta College M
D (Data to Dyson Baudo Recreation Center)

data, datum (top)
Data is plural; use datum when you mean a single bit of information. Use a plural verb (Ex: "The data were collected by a team of scientists."), except when data is used as a collective noun that represents a unit it takes a singular verb. (Ex: "The data is valid.")

dates (top)
Abbreviate months in prose according to AP style.

dash (top)
Use a long dash—em dash—with no spaces between the dash and the words. This is the preferred typesetting/publishing method.

Dawes Memorial Library (top)
A former three-level building that was razed in June 2007. It used to seat 370 and house more than 250,000 volumes and non-book library materials. Also housed the College's Special Collections. It was demolished to make way for new $17 million Legacy Library, which should open in January 2009.

days of the week (top)
Never abbreviate in prose.

Dean of students (top)
Formal title is Vice President for Student Life; see cabinet.

Dean's High Honors List (top)
Any full-time student completing at least 15 hours with a grade point average of 3.75 or higher in a given semester is recognized as a Dean’s High Honors List student for that semester. See Dean's List.

Dean's List (top)
Any full-time student completing at least 15 hours with a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.7499 in a given semester is recognized as a Dean’s List student for that semester. See Dean's High Honors List.

Dean's Scholarship (top)
Capitalize when referring to Marietta College’s program. Provides an award of $4,000 to $6,000 annually for up to four years of study at Marietta College. To be eligible a student must have at least a 3.25 grade point average and 1150 on the SAT or 25 on the ACT.

decades (top)
Ex: the 1970s; the '70s (no apostrophe before "s").

Delta Tau Delta (top)
International fraternity, founded at Marietta in 1967, is a social body with a strong emphasis on academics and strengthening of community. Delts seek to enhance their college experiences through various brotherhood, academic, and philanthropic activities. Membership is granted through the extension of a bid. All initiated members must maintain good academic standing within the College.

Delta Upsilon (top)
Charter was suspended in fall of 2006 due to disciplinary issues. International fraternity, founded at Marietta in 1870, is based on four principles: the promotion of friendship, the development of character, the diffusion of liberal culture, and the advancement of justice. The purpose of the organization is to establish and promote undergraduates to enhance their development and education. Membership is open to all males who will take the oath of initiation.

departments, academic (see also programs) (top)
Use uppercase letters for all references, both formal and informal. (Example: English Department, Department of Psychology and Communication and Media Studies).

Marietta College's 19 academic departments: Art; Athletic Training; Biology and Environmental Science; Chemistry; Communication and Media Studies, Economics, Management and Accounting (EMA); Education; English; History, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion; Leadership; Mathematics and Computer Science; Modern Languages; Music; Petroleum Engineering and Geology; Physician Assistant Studies (master's only); Physics; Political Science and Sociology; Psychology; Theatre Arts.

departments, non-academic (a.k.a. offices) (top)
In prose, generally capitalize references to particular offices, both formal and informal. (Example: Admission Office or Office of Alumni Relations). Some departments may not have official titles or may be more of a place with a specific function than a properly named office (bookstore, library, mailroom, print shop); these should use lower-case letters.

Please note: Media prefer lower case in almost every instance.

Marietta College's nonacademic offices: Academic Grants, Academic Resource Center (ARC); Administration and Finance; Admission Office; Advancement Office; Alumni Relations; Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation; Business & Administrative Services; Campus Life; Campus Police, Campus Services; Career Center; China Program; College Relations; Counseling Services; Dining Services; Graduate and Continuing Studies; Human Resources; Information Technology; Physical Plant; President's Office; Provost's Office; Records; Residence Life; Sports Information; Student Financial Services; Student Life; Telecommunications.

directed research (top)
Student-conducted research project, under the supervision of the instructor.

disabilities (top)
Be sensitive but not impractical. Talk about impairments (hearing, vision, etc.) when possible. People who cannot walk are disabled, not handicapped, and buildings that accommodate them are, simply, accessible. Avoid constructions like "the disabled." "People with disabilities" is better.

disk (top)
Not disc; exception: disc jockey.

Don Drumm Stadium(top)
Do not refer to it as Don Drumm Field. Home field for Marietta College football and also used for varsity soccer and outdoor track. Named in 1966 to honor Donald D. Drumm '15, a longtime professor of physical education and director of athletics. The stadium seats 5,000.

Don Schaly Stadium (top)
Located three-fourths of a mile from campus off Pike Street, Pioneer Park was renamed Don Schaly Stadium on May 6, 2006, in honor of long-time baseball coach Don Schaly '59. State-of-the-art lighting was added in 1994 to the natural grass baseball field. The facility also includes two batting cages and a practice infield, both adjacent to the fully enclosed stadium. The three-story Kent Tekulve Media Center includes a fully equipped concession stand, umpires' locker room, lounge area and double-level press box that can accommodate up to 26 people. See also, Pioneer Park.

dorm/dormitory (top)
Use residence hall instead.

Dorothy Webster Hall (top)
Residence hall for 39 co-ed upper-class and first-year students.

Dr. (top)
This is normally reserved for medical doctors and dentists, not people with doctorates; used before the name and capitalized: Dr. Ted Smith performed the surgery. However, when writing stories for on-campus use, it is OK to refer to a professor who has a Ph.D. as Dr. Gama Perruci.

Dyson Baudo Recreation Center (top)
No hyphen. Houses athletic department, coaches' offices, sports medicine center and classrooms, weight room, fitness center, racquetball courts and indoor track. Also location for Fenton Court, Ban Johnson Arena, and Trustees Conference Room. Opened in January 2003 and named in honor of Robert Dyson '68 and Laura Baudo Sillerman '68.

Nutgraph used by College Relations

Dyson Baudo Recreation Center, which houses Ban Johnson Arena and Fenton Court, was made possible by a $10 million donation by Laura Baudo Sillerman and Robert F.X. Sillerman through their Tomorrow Foundation ($5 million) and The Dyson Foundation on behalf of Robert R. Dyson, his wife Emilie B. Dyson, and the directors of the Dyson Foundation ($5 million). The facility includes a 200-meter indoor track with multipurpose courts in the infield, crew training facility, free weight room, cardiovascular exercise area with a two-story climbing wall, aerobics/dance room, performance court for varsity basketball and volleyball, and new locker rooms and administrative space. It also houses the athletic training program. The Center, which cost about $19 million to complete, is also used for lectures, concerts and other events that are important to the Marietta community.

Glossary for this Letter