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Focused on Distinction:
A Plan for Marietta College 2010-2015

May 2010

Marietta College stands on the brink of true distinctiveness among America’s colleges and universities. That claim is made possible by the successes of two previous strategic plans: To Thrive in the Floodplain, a Plan for Marietta College 2000-2005, which charted a course for enrollment growth, and Higher Ground, a Plan for Marietta College 2004-2010, which emphasized quality and growth through retention, and by the existence of Vision 2020, a framework for planning for the next decade.

The College is far stronger than it was ten years ago. Full-time undergraduate enrollment has grown by more than 25% while the quality and diversity of entering classes have increased. Retention and graduation rates continue to rise, and the academic culture at Marietta College has improved significantly. More varied academic programs including three new graduate degrees and undergraduate majors or minors in fields as diverse as astronomy, international leadership studies, and health science add vitality and strength. A dated campus has become a dynamic and modern environment for learning with the addition of six new facilities and the major renovation of six others. While budgets are still challenging, the survival of Marietta College is not in doubt, and Marietta College offers an educational experience that it could not have contemplated ten years ago. This progress has been made possible by the generosity of donors and the collaboration of trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends who have worked together to move Marietta College forward.

As we celebrate the 175th anniversary of the chartering of Marietta College and review the progress that has occurred in the past decade, we see clearly the possibility of moving Marietta College to new levels of excellence and distinctiveness, which we define as distinction. This plan, Focused on Distinction, calls for actions consistent with the framework provided by Vision 2020 to make Marietta College a college of choice for students whose high aspirations match its excellence, who contribute to the rich academic and co-curricular culture here, and who are preparing themselves to be problem solvers and leaders in their lives and careers. Marietta College will be seen by faculty and staff as a place where talent, creativity and dedication thrive and are rewarded. We will achieve this outcome by continuing to focus on excellence in all that we do, by building our current niche areas into signature programs that reach students beyond narrow disciplinary boundaries, by investing in people, and by telling our story purposefully and confidently.

Against that background, we offer the following overarching goal: By 2015, the position of Marietta College among American colleges and universities will be enhanced to reflect both its excellence and its distinctiveness. The goals, strategies and objectives of this plan are designed to move Marietta College forward toward a position of true distinction. We will measure our success by increased admission selectivity and diversity, student success in graduation, job placement and graduate school admission, improved position within our peer group and toward our aspirant peers, appropriate support of faculty and staff, and enhanced financial strength of the College. Focused on Distinction describes the actions needed to heighten the excellence and the reputation of Marietta College.


Read the entire Strategic Plan Focused on Distinction: A Plan for Marietta College 2010-2015 (PDF).

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