Tentative Presidential Search Plan and Timeline

Marietta College

May 2011

The Association of Governing Boards or AGB was hired to assist the school with Dr. Jamie Ferrare being the principal consultant.

June 2011

  1. AGB Search completed the institutional profile and received board approval
  2. Advertisement and Institutional profile posted on Marietta and AGB Search websites

July 2011

  1. Advertising posted by AGB in national publications
  2. Call for nominations and direct recruiting initiated

August/September 2011

  1. Applications accepted and posted on search website
  2. The committee will meet in person and will narrow the applicant pool to 8-12 applicants for further consideration.

October 2011

  1. Committee will interview the short listed candidates in mid-October. Based on these interviews and reference checks, the committee will narrow the field of finalists to no more than 3 candidates who will then be interviewed by the full board.

November/December 2011

  1. Campus visits hosted
  2. Full Board conducts its own due diligence and interviews finalists.
  3. Full Board votes on the presidential candidates and selects one.
  4. Board chair initiates discussions with finalist on contract terms (This could fall into January depending on progress)

January 2012

  1. Transition team organized and charged
  2. Transition plan approved
  3. Negotiations with candidate of choice initiated
  4. Successful negotiations concluded

February 2012

  1. Candidate formally introduced to community
  2. Public Relations plan initiated
  3. President-elect begins transition phase of process