Position Description

The Board of Trustees, through its Presidential Search Committee, invites nominations and applications for the position of President of Marietta College. Marietta College is one of America's 37 "Revolutionary Colleges," institutions with origins reaching back to the 18th century. Established as Muskingum Academy in 1797, it became Marietta College in 1835. The College seeks an exceptional leader who will continue the significant growth and positive momentum enjoyed under the leadership of Dr. Jean A. Scott, who will retire following more than a decade as President. It is expected that the next president of Marietta College will begin duties on or about July 1, 2012.

Marietta, Ohio, (population 15,000) established in 1788 by Revolutionary War veterans led by Gen. Rufus Putnam, is the oldest organized city in the Northwest Territory. Marietta is a river town situated at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers. Marietta is part of a much larger Mid-Ohio Valley metropolitan area that includes nearby Parkersburg, W.Va. This area sustains a combined population of around 150,000. Marietta is only a few hours from Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Visit Us

The College enrolls approximately 1,400 students from more than 40 states and 10 countries. Student enrollment is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. The College is located on a picturesque 90-acre campus in Marietta, Ohio, just two blocks from downtown. Over the last 10 years, the College has committed approximately $100 million on major capital projects, including a state-of-the-art recreation center, planetarium, science center and library. Also, the College recently broke ground on a new 365 bed student residence hall, which will include a health and wellness center which is expected to open in August, 2012. View Campus Map

The Mission

Marietta College provides a strong foundation for a lifetime of leadership, critical thinking, and problem solving. We achieve this mission by offering undergraduates a contemporary liberal arts education and graduate students an education grounded in advanced knowledge and professional practice. Intellectual and creative excellence defines the Marietta experience.

Seven Core Values

At the center of a Marietta education are Seven Core Values that form the foundation for all the College does. They are:


click to expand 1. Liberal Arts Foundation

MARIETTA COLLEGE reaffirms the liberal arts as foundational in an education of the highest quality. Undergraduates in traditional majors and professional programs take a variety of general education courses in the primary areas of knowledge. This time-tested approach to learning stresses the development of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication, and upholds the value and breadth of our intellectual heritage.


click to expand2. In-Depth Programs of Study

MARIETTA COLLEGE is committed to offering programs of study that prepare undergraduates for challenging careers or admission to well-respected graduate and professional schools. It offers select graduate degrees consistent with the mission of the College and where it has the expertise and resources to meet or exceed baselines of excellence. Both graduate and undergraduate degree programs promote an active engagement with learning and opportunities to apply knowledge to practical experiences.


click to expand3. Global Perspective and Diversity

MARIETTA COLLEGE prepares students to thrive in a diverse society and in a world where social interaction, work, and exchange occur across geographical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. They learn that economic growth, political stability, human adaptation, and sustainability all rely upon cooperative efforts among the nations and peoples of the world.


click to expand 4. World of Work

MARIETTA COLLEGE maintains its founders emphasis on education "in the various branches of useful knowledge," and we believe that the liberal arts remain the best preparation for any career. Through classroom instruction, the use of technology, independent research, and practical experiences in their chosen fields, as well as through a wide variety of opportunities to lead and serve in collaboration with others, students prepare for productive lives. "A contemporary liberal arts education" means preparation for the world of work and the ability to translate knowledge into effective action.


click to expand5. Community

MARIETTA COLLEGE, primarily a residential college for its undergraduates, is dedicated to the development of the whole student and affirms the interdependence of life inside and outside of the classroom. In this dynamic community, students, faculty, and staff share a commitment to integrity and respect for others and develop our distinctive ethos. Believing that the work of all employees at the College contributes to the students' educational experience, we strive to provide the necessary tools and working environment and promote a commitment to service and self-direction among College employees. Graduates of the College comprise "the long blue line," an alumni community forged in friendships and common experiences.


click to expand 6. Leadership

MARIETTA COLLEGE offers students opportunities to be citizen-leaders both on and off campus and thus to prepare themselves for leadership and responsible citizenship in their professions and their communities. Professional programs convey the ethical standards appropriate to their professions and in other ways prepare students for leadership in their fields.


click to expand7. Service

MARIETTA COLLEGE is part of a historic town and for almost two centuries has served its region through the education, arts, and intellectual enrichment it brings to the surrounding community. Likewise, the students, faculty, and staff of MARIETTA COLLEGE find opportunities for civic engagement and for learning through service on the campus, in the region, and beyond.



(For more about our Core Values, please download our Strategic Plan Focused on Distinction: A Plan for Marietta College 2010-2015 (PDF).)


The Presidency of Marietta College is an uncommon opportunity and certainly one of the more attractive leadership positions available in American higher education.  The college offers the next President the following strengths and opportunities:

  • A college and community of ideal size that creates unique opportunities not found in other national liberal arts colleges such as issues involving global competition and the rise of China as a world power, the growing demand for energy and for protection of the environment, the importance of health and wellness, and the role of leaders and leadership in every field of endeavor;
  • A senior leadership team that is experienced, talented and fully committed to the Marietta mission, its faculty and students;
  • A fully engaged and vibrant Board of Trustees, a majority of which are Marietta College alumni;
  • An exceptionally strong and accomplished faculty dedicated to the teacher – scholar model;
  • A selective and talented student body, including approximately 400 student-athletes participating on 18 men's and women's teams, including the men's baseball team which won its fifth national Division III title in May, 2011 and the men's basketball team which made it to the final round of sixteen for the first time in the college's history;
  • An outstanding curriculum for its students which includes the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business, petroleum engineering and other diversified educational programs, including Master's Degree programs in corporate media and psychology and a Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies;
  • An innovative, international education program that is infused throughout the curriculum and offers innovative study abroad programs, such as established partnerships with China and the Pacific rim;
  • Dedicated and hard-working staff members who care deeply about the institution and students they serve;
  • Highly successful and nationally acclaimed athletic and co-curricular programs;
  • An extensive, well-planned physical plant and a beautifully landscaped campus that is a source of pride for the entire community;
  • A sense of pride and intense community spirit shared by Marietta faculty, staff and students;
  • A college truly poised for greatness.


Strong and trusted leadership will be important as Marietta College continues to strive for excellence.  The college's fundamental sense of itself is as an intellectual and social community of faculty, students, and staff linked with other communities of trustees, alumni, donors and parents, as well as the City of Marietta, Ohio and the surrounding region.  Much of the President's work entails building, growing, strengthening and supporting these communities.  The Marietta culture is one of participation, inclusiveness and consensus building.  Effective communication is critical to leadership in this culture. 

Extensive interviewing among campus constituencies suggests these leadership priorities for the next President of Marietta College. 

Strengthen Resource Acquisition, Allocation and Management

Increasing the college's endowment is a top priority of the college. Although the college maintains financial stability, and anticipates continued fiscal responsibility, fundraising must continue to be a principal focus of the President's attention.  The college's endowment, while solid at approximately $65 million, must increase significantly to provide stronger support for Marietta's $50 + million annual operating budget. The President must be a successful steward of the college's finances and investment performance from perspectives both strategic and operational.  A culture of balanced budgets, fiscal accountability and a commitment to establish and address priorities must be supported and accounted for into the future.  While capital needs are continually addressed, and are of importance to the college, Marietta faces ongoing demands related to faculty and staff salaries, professional development funding, and staffing levels.  Therefore, the President must demonstrate revenue development ability through accomplishments in cultivating major donors, obtaining grants and contracts, recruiting new students, increasing student retention, developing new initiatives that generate revenue and asking for and receiving donations.

Implement and Enhance the College's Shared Vision, Identity, and Priorities

The President will play a central role in helping the college community identify and articulate its distinctive strengths and guide its planning and prioritization of resources.  One of the President's most important roles will be to implement and enhance the college's existing vision and be able to articulate how that vision will be realized. The President should also be able to promote new ideas that would consider developing trends in higher education among other creative and innovative ideas.

Effectively Promote this Vision to External Constituencies

The President must be an effective spokesperson and enthusiastic champion of the distinctive academic programs and mission of the college.  These abilities are especially important in representing the college to potential donors, students and their parents. 

Provide Distinguished, Creative and Trusted Leadership

Marietta has many loyal and hard-working faculty and staff who look to the President for leadership, collaboration, and empowerment.  Building on the current vision and strategic plan, the next President must engage the entire community in reflecting, visioning, and planning for the future of the college.  He/she must have the skills to think strategically, embrace and promote an entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrate the capacity to strengthen current programs and/or develop new ones that will allow Marietta to better serve the changing economic needs of the community, region, nation and globally.  Additionally, he/she must maintain a working knowledge of trends and national priorities for higher education as well as public and social policy in America.  In doing so, the President will engage the community in discussions of the academic mission and program; encourage the setting and achievement of high standards, and serve as an external interpreter and an enthusiastic spokesperson for the college, its academic mission, and its programs.

Continue the Tradition of Academic Strength and Rigor

Marietta's approach to education encourages students to combine reflective thought with effective action and to become active, thoughtful citizens of the world.  With a strong liberal arts foundation, the President must work in collaboration with the interim Provost and Dean of the Faculty and members of the faculty to continue to strengthen academic offerings and present to students a well-defined and rigorous liberal arts curriculum. It is expected that every student develop knowledge and problem solving skills in the classroom through international experience, internships and research or creative activities, and in co-curricular activities that develop individual talents, civic responsibility, teamwork and leadership.

Focus on Students, Faculty and Campus Diversity

Marietta students, not surprisingly, are successful and positive about their collegiate careers.  They thrive in a community interested in both their intellectual progress and personal development.  Students describe a culture of hard work, shared purpose, and individual freedom that encourages each individual to reach his or her full potential.  Diversity and inclusion adds greatly to the culture of the community, and Marietta is committed to diversity in all of its forms and for all constituent groups (students, faculty, staff and trustees).  In an effort to carry out its mission more effectively, and to prepare its students for the environment in which they will function in the 21st century, efforts to enhance and value diversity and inclusion must be deliberate and constant.  Academic freedom and excellence flourish in an environment that encourages the fullest possible diversity of ideas and expression.

Extend Board/President Partnership

Capture and Build Upon Faculty Strength

Marietta has a distinguished faculty of teacher-scholars with an international reputation. Notwithstanding their teaching responsibilities, Marietta faculty members are active scholars, student mentors and advisors. Faculty and administrators also maintain an extensive shared governance structure that reflects and supports the college's emphasis on collaboration and community. The President must capture and build upon faculty strength and provide needed support through the promotion of faculty driven academic initiatives, the acquisition of resources for faculty development and a commitment to attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty possible

Value and Involve Staff

Marietta's talented and committed staff plays key roles in shaping a residential learning community. A successful President will recognize and celebrate the value of the programs and services this group provides to the college. It is important to continue to emphasize the significance of student-faculty relationships at Marietta College and to provide a residential environment in which students will learn in the classroom, the residence halls, on the athletic fields, in a host of co-curricular experiences, and in students' intentional planning for lives and careers after college.

Foster Collegial and Other Relationships

It is imperative that the new President forge the best of personal and professional relationships with key constituencies. Marietta is a caring residential community of faculty, students and staff living and working together in an atmosphere of respect and common purpose. It is expected that the new President will provide a style of leadership that recognizes the central importance of continuing to build campus community, while attending as well to the college's relationships with the City of Marietta, its citizens and corporate and business leaders.


To provide the leadership required to enhance the college's distinguished academic program, it will be important that the next President have the following attributes:

  • An aptitude and passion for asking others, including alumni, friends of the College and corporate donors, to support an exceptional institution financially;
  • An informed commitment to the ideals of liberal arts and professional education;
  • The ability to articulate those ideals persuasively;
  • Significant and successful administrative or executive experience and a sound business mind;
  • An excellent manager of people with the ability to hire, motivate and hold people accountable for their performances;
  • A collaborative leadership style that builds upon relationships and a sense of community and teamwork;
  • A creative and entrepreneurial leader with the ability to think strategically and act decisively by demonstrating vision, leadership and skills in management, finance and strategic planning;
  • The ability to excel as a leader in a consultative environment, and skill in negotiating with all groups;
  • A terminal degree is preferred, but all applications will be considered;
  • A deep understanding of what goes into excellent teaching, learning and scholarship, while placing emphasis on continuing to improve the quality of faculty, students and staff;
  • An appreciation of Marietta's distinctive culture and values, and its special niche in higher education, and an ability to convey this distinctiveness to those within and beyond the college community;
  • The ability to effectively bring about change to strengthen the reputation and standing of Marietta College;
  • A principled view of the world and the confidence to make decisions, in part, founded upon those principles;
  • An excellent mind with a broad vision, varied interests, a fresh perspective, balanced judgment and creativity;
  • Excellent communication skills, with a confident and comfortable public presence, while at the same time being an active listener;
  • An appreciation for the balance of academics, athletics and other extracurricular activities of students;
  • Be well networked within higher education and with State and Federal agencies responsible for higher education policy;
  • Energy, stamina, commitment, enthusiasm and a sense of humor.


The Presidential Search Committee will begin a review of candidate applications immediately and continue until an appointment is made. For best consideration; it is recommended that application materials be received by September 16, 2011. Nominations and expressions of interest, which will include a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and five professional references with e-mail and telephone numbers included, should be sent electronically (MS Word) to Marietta@agbsearch.com. All candidate application materials will be handled in strict confidence.

The search is being assisted by:

For additional information about Marietta College, please visit its Web site at w3.marietta.edu

Marietta College is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Educator/Employer.