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Janie Rees-Miller

Janie Rees-Miller

Professor, Director of ESL

Dept: Modern Languages




Office: THMS 214

Degrees: Bachelor's in Religion (Oberlin), Master's in Religious Studies (American University of Beirut, Lebanon) Master's in TESOL (SUNY-Stony Brook), Ph.D. in Linguistics (SUNY-Stony Brook)

Year appointed: 1996

Areas of Interest
Linguistics, Linguistics for the non-specialist, applied linguistics, pragmatics, TESOL methodology and teacher education, Native American language contact with English; English as a Second Language; Middle Eastern Culture and Civilization

Recent Publications
Co-editor: The Handbook of Linguistics published by Blackwell
Co-editor: Contemporary Linguistics, fourth, fifth, and six U.S. editions (the most widely used introductory linguistics textbook in the U.S.)