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Bradley Pierce

Name: Brad Pierce

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Physician Assistant

Education: Master of Science, Physician Assistant Studies, Marietta College, 2011; Bachelor of Science, Athletic Training, Marietta College, 2008

Research Interests: Oncology

Recent Publications: Pierce BR, Grosel J, Petty G. A large retroperitoneal mass turns out to have an unusual cause. JAAPA. 2012 Jul;25(7):42, 44-5.

Phone: 740-376-4950

Email: brp001@marietta.edu

What can a student expect when taking one of your classes?

One can expect a well-organized, to the point lecture, peppered with dry humor throughout.

What excites you about teaching at Marietta College?

The thing that most excites me is the opportunity to come back to the place I graduated from with both of my degrees and make an impact on the next generation of physician assistants.

When you aren’t teaching, what other activities do you enjoy?

During my spare time I enjoy the adventure of life with my significant other, trail running with my dog, church, biking, cooking, and pretty much any other activity that gets me outside.

Do you prefer flipping through the pages of a book or an e-book?

I prefer a real book.

What is your favorite location on campus and why?

I would have to go back to my undergraduate days, but I would say concert choir rehearsals in the Hermann Fine Arts building.

What is your favorite Marietta College event?

Homecoming week.

What is your clinical work experience?

Since graduating from Marietta College in 2011, I have been working at the Strecker Cancer Center at Marietta Memorial Hospital, where I continue to see patients.