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Scott McVicar

Scott McVicar

Director of Admission

Dept: Admission




Office: Admission

Ohio: Coshocton and Muskingum counties
Washington County: Marietta High School

About Scott: As a graduate of Marietta College, and a member of a National Championship Baseball Team, I am excited to begin my eleventh year in admissions!

Previously, I have worked for 3M Corp., and TV Guide.

My wife, also a Marietta College alum, teaches first grade. We have two sons. My favorite hobby is golf, but I enjoy all sports. My whole family enjoys rooting on our Pioneers!

Favorite Quote:
"Make yourself the greatest, grandest, most wonderful loving person in the world, because this is what you are going to be giving to your children and to all those that you meet."

Favorite Marietta Tradition:
The annual Matriculation Ceremony is my favorite Marietta College tradition. Our faculty are dressed in full cap and gown! They lead our new students into a ceremony of commitment to excellence. It is a proud and impressive moment for everyone! This is the continuation of our "Long Blue Line."

Favorite Place to Visit on the Marietta Campus:
My favorite place is to be on The Christy Mall, especially when classes are between sessions. As we pass, I appreciate the friendliness of our students and faculty. Sounds of conversations and laughter fill the air. Smiling and confident faces are seen. The Mall is a great place to visit!!