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William A. McNeely, Jr.

William A. McNeely, Jr.

Adjunct Professor

Dept: Physics



Office: Selby 137

Degrees: Ph.D. (Caltech)

Year appointed: 2011

Bill McNeely obtained a Ph.D. in Physics from Caltech in 1971, and for the next 6 years he pursued physics research at DESY in Hamburg, Germany. In 1977 he began working for Boeing Computer Services in Seattle, Washington, developing advanced computer graphics for engineering applications. From 1981 to 1988 he served as chief engineer at the startup company TriVector Inc., creating software products for technical illustration. In 1989 he returned to Boeing and held the position of Technical Fellow, pursuing research in haptic simulation, high-performance computer graphics, and laser communication. After retiring from Boeing in 2009, he took a teaching position with Marietta College in 2011.