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Jim Jeitler

Jim Jeitler

Associate Professor

Dept: Chemistry

Degrees: Ph.D. in Magneto Chemistry, Clark University, 1998; Master of Arts in Chemistry, Clark University, 1996; Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, SUNY Buffalo, 1992)

Research Interests: Magnetic interactions between metals through delocalized pi systems.
Synthesis of metal complexes for photochemotherapy agents.
Purification of oilfield brine waste
Environmental chemistry

Recent Publicastions: “A cuprous azide complex: The effect of structure on the stability of the azide ion – A literature discussion” Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource.
https://www.ionicviper.org/ July 2014


“Synthesis, Characterization, and Computational Modeling of [Co(acacen)L2]+, an Inhibitor of Zinc Finger Proteins” Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource.
https://www.ionicviper.org/ July 2014

Common Courses: CHEM 351: Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 352: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 231: Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 131-134: General Chemistry

Other Courses: CHEM 304: Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 305, 306: Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 101: Modern Chemistry
HONR 101: Pollution



Office: SELB 344

Year appointed: 2007

What can a student expect when taking one of your classes?

Active learning. I have worked to develop guided inquiry worksheets in many topics in all of my courses. These worksheets start start with material you have learned either earlier in the semester or in a previous course. Strategic questions and problems lead you through a process to learn new concepts based on what you already know.

What excites you about teaching at Marietta College?

Working with the students. I have taught at large research institutions where I was lucky to get to know one or two students in a class of 200. At Marietta, I get to know almost every student in all of my classes every semester. In Chemistry and Biochemistry, we encourage our new majors by getting them into the research lab as early as their second semester on campus. This further helps the faculty to establish a relationship with our students.

When you aren’t teaching, what other activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy running. To date I have completed 22 marathons, three 50k ultramarathons and the JFK 50 mile ultramarathon. In 2015 I started training to compete in the 2016 Syracuse Half Ironman triathlon.

What is your favorite location on campus and why?

Outside of the Chemistry Building, it would have to be the DBRC. I enjoy seeing students working to achieve “mens sana in corpore sano” or “A healthy mind in a healthy body."

What is your favorite Marietta College event?

Graduation. It is amazing to watch our students as they change so much over four years. Although each year I am saddened when the latest group of students leaves Marietta, I am proud to be a small part of their journey.

Professor Jim Jeitler, who earned tenure in the spring of 2012, has taught at various universities around the country before coming to Marietta. He first taught at Worcester (Mass.) State College from 1995-97. He then moved on to teach at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute from 1997-98, The University of Idaho from 1998-2000, and finally at North Idaho College from 2000-07.

Dr. Jeitler was a trustee for the Idaho Academy of Sciences from 2003-07 and also received the North Idaho College Center for Educational Access Student Choice award in 2006. He was a Faculty Fellow for the National Institutes of Health BRIN/INBRE in 2004 and 2005, as well as a Postdoctoral Fellow for Washington State University in 2001.

At Marietta, Dr. Jeitler teaches various levels of courses in the chemistry field.