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Suzanne George

Kimberly Suzanne George Parsons

Title: Director of the Investigative Studies Program, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Department: Chemistry

Education: Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Ohio University, 2011; Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ohio University, 2005

Research Interests: My current research projects at Marietta include investigations of the protective properties of various chemicals and antioxidants against ultraviolet light-induced cell death and studies of the phototoxicity of various chemical products.

Recent Publications:

George, K.S. and Wu, S. 2012. Lipid raft: a floating island of death or survival. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 259: 311-319.

George, K.S., Elassaki, W., Wu, Q., Wu, S. 2012. The role of cholesterol in UV light B-induced apoptosis. Photochemistry and Photobiology, 88(5): 1191-97.

George, K.S., Wu, Q., Wu, S. 2010. Effects of freezing and protein crosslinker on isolating membrane raft-associated proteins. Biotechniques, 49: 837-838.

Laszlo, C.F., Fayad, S., Carpenter, O.L., George, K.S., Lu, W., Saad, A.A., Wu, S. 2009. The role of translational regulation in ultraviolet C light induced cyclogenase-2 expression. Life Sci, 85: 70-76.

Parker, S.H., Parker, T.A., George, K.S. and Wu, S. 2006. The roles of translation initiation regulation in ultraviolet light-induced apoptosis. Mol Cell Biochem, 293: 173-181.

Courses (Fall 2014): Biochemistry I, Biochemistry Laboratory, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry I Laboratory

Courses (Spring 2015): Biochemistry II, General Chemistry II, General Chemistry II Laboratory

Phone: (740) 376-4880

Email: ksg001@marietta.edu

What can a student expect when taking one of your classes?

Engaged, problem-based learning in biochemistry!

What excites you about teaching at Marietta College?

What excites me most about teaching at MC is the close and personal relationships between faculty and students, and preforming biochemistry research with undergraduate students.

When you aren’t teaching, what other activities do you enjoy?

Camping, gardening, and family time with my husband and pet!

What is your favorite location on campus and why?

The biochemistry lab! It’s where real-world science happens everyday. We are making new discoveries in the areas of biochemistry and molecular biology each and every semester.

What is your favorite Marietta College event?

My favorite MC event is Graduation — I get to meet the parents of the students whom I have watched grow over the years and celebrate our (the students, faculty, and MC) accomplishments.