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Dawn Carusi

Dawn L. Carusi

Title: Associate Professor, Department Chair, Department of Communications

Department: Communication Studies

Education: Ph.D. in Communication Studies, Ohio University; Master of Arts in Communication, West Chester University, BSED in Speech, Theatre and English in West Chester University

Research Interests: Female Fandoms (Fan Societies), Gender, Relational Communication, Narrative

Courses (Fall 2015): Honors 112, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, Communication Theory

Courses (Spring 2016): Honors 112, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, Advanced Readings in Communication Studies

Phone: (740) 376-4681

Email: carusid@marietta.edu

What can a student expect when taking one of your classes?

An environment that encourages class discussion and debate.

What excites you about teaching at Marietta College?

The opportunities to work closely with colleagues and students.

When you aren’t teaching, what other activities do you enjoy?

As a fandom ethnographer, my research sends me to incredible events -- Comic Con, movie premieres and romance conventions. If I'm not on campus, I'm usually traveling to watch people live out their fanatical side.

Do you prefer flipping through the pages of a book or an e-book?

Both, but I still prefer to have a real book in my hands. Until a Kindle can smell of musty, old paper, I'll still reach for the real deal, if available.