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Dr. David Brown

David Brown

Title: Professor

Department: Biology and Environmental Sciences

Education: Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Duke University, 1995; Master of Science in Microbiology, Ohio University, 1990; Bachelor of Science in Chemisty, Ohio University, 1988

Research Interests: Environmental toxicology with a focus on exposure to metals. However, I have worked with students on research projects that have covered a wide range of topics in toxicology.

Recent Publications: Haynes, E., Ryan, P., Chen, A., Brown, D., Roda, S., Kuhnell, P., Wittberg, D., Terrell, M., and Reponen, T. (2012) Assessment of Personal Exposure to Manganese in Children Living Near a Ferromanganese Refinery. Science of the Total Environment 427-428: 19-25.

Brown, D.J., Orelien, J., Gordon, J.D., Chu, A.C., Chu, M.D., Nakamura, M., Handa, H., Kayama, F, Denison, M.S and Clark, G.C. (2007) Mathematical Model Developed for Environmental Samples: Prediction of GC/MS Dioxin TEQ from XDS-CALUX Bioassay Data. Environmental Science and Technology 41: 4354-4360.

Courses (Fall 2014): Environmental Toxicology and Modern Biology Laboratory I

Courses (Spring 2015): Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology and Molecular Biology Laboratory

Phone: (740) 376-4916

Email: brownd@marietta.edu

What can a student expect when taking one of your classes?

I hope that students in my class will be challenged and will see how different areas of science are related to each other and to other areas of study.

What excites you about teaching at Marietta College?

One of the things that I enjoy the most about teaching at Marietta College is working with students on research projects. All of our majors have to complete a senior research project, so I get to work with them on a long-term project that spans the last three semesters that they are at Marietta College. In addition to this I have been working to encourage students to get involved working on research projects as early as their sophomore year.

When you aren’t teaching, what other activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy biking, gardening and cooking. Oh, I guess I should also include volleyball since I play with a group of faculty and students that usually play volleyball for a couple hours at least once a week.

Do you prefer flipping through the pages of a book or an e-book?

I definitely prefer having a physical book. There is just something about flipping through the pages and also having a bookmark that reminds me where I am and which books I am currently reading. I have tried reading books on Kindle, but it isn’t the same. That being said, e-books are great for traveling — the electrons don’t weigh nearly as much as carrying a bunch of books.

What is your favorite location on campus and why?

The College greenhouse on the fourth floor of the Rickey Science Building. It is a great place to visit on a cold day during the winter.