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Jordan Becker

Jordan Becker


Dept: Physical Plant


Office: DBRC

Year appointed: 2012


Becker served as a volunteer assistant at the University of Toledo in 2011. He assisted with all phases of the Toledo program, but his primary responsibility was working with the outfielders.

Becker began his collegiate career as an outfielder for the Pioneers and was a member of the 2006 national championship squad. Following his sophomore year, he became a student-assistant coach. Upon graduating in December of 2009, Becker spent the next season as a volunteer assistant. During this time, he worked with the outfielders and first basemen, collaborated on hitting instruction and recruited for the Etta Express.

In addition to his coaching duties, Becker serves as the Schaly Stadium Supervisor. He is responsible for maintaining the finest Division III baseball facility in the region. Schaly Stadium has been the host site for numerous NCAA post season events including the the last three Mideast Regional Tournaments.

Becker served as a volunteer assistant coach for the Southern Ohio Copperheads of the Great Lakes League in 2010. He was the head coach of the Delweld Summer Baseball Team from 2008-2009. Becker has worked numerous camps including the Marietta College Camp of Champs, the Coast to Coast Camp in West Palm Beach, Fla. and the Larry McCabe Baseball Camp.

A native of Johnstown, Pa., Becker graduated from Marietta with a degree in advertising and public relations and a minor in sports management in 2009.