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Dr. Cheryl Arnold

Dr. Cheryl Arnold


Dept: Psychology


Office: Erwin 202

Degrees: Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Georgia), 1991; Master of Science in Psychology (University of Georgia), 1987; Bachelor of Arts (Westminster College), 1985

Year appointed: 1998

Dr. Arnold is a comparative psychologist whose research has included the welfare of laboratory golden hamsters and captive elephants. Her elephant work was conducted at Riddle’s Elephant Sanctuary while an Assistant Professor at Hendrix College. Her current interests include lay ministry and pastoral care.

Dr. Arnold has published in The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Lab Animal, Laboratory Animals and Applied Animal Behaviour Science. She has presented at numerous national and regional meetings in the areas of animal behavior and gerontology.

Arnold joined the Marietta College faculty in 1998 and has taught classes in General Psychology, Neuroscience, Animal Cognition and Gerontology as needed.