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Marietta College Faculty

The following faculty members were on the staff of the College for the 2010-11 academic year and are continuing into the 2009-10 year. The dates following the title are the year the individual joined the Marietta College staff, not necessarily the date of the current position.


Sara Alway Assistant Professor of Art and Graphic Design (hired 2009) B.F.A. New York College of Ceramics, Alfred University, M.F.A. Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Dale R. Ames Assistant Professor of Management and Accounting, (hired 2008) B.S., M.B.A., M.P.E. University of Florida, C.P.A.

Douglas Anderson Director of the Legacy Library and Associate Professor, (hired 2005) B.Mus, Ouachita Baptist University, M.Mus, The University of Texas at Austin, M.L.S. Kent State University, Ph.D. The Ohio State University

Nathan P. Anderson Assistant Professor of English, (hired 2007) B.A., M.F.A. Eastern Washington University, Ph.D. Ohio University

Jeanne Arbuckle Head Women’s Softball Coach, Instructor of Health and Physical Education, (hired 1987) B.S. Slippery Rock University

Merewyn Archer Instructor in Music, Staff Accompanist, (hired 2004) B.M. East Texas Baptist University, M.M. Baylor University

Carolyn S. Backus Assistant Professor of Education,(hired 2006) B.A., M.A.Ed. Marietta College

Mark A. Bagshaw Professor of Management and Leadership, (hired 1993) B.A., Ed.D. Pennsylvania State University, M.Phil. Yale University

Mary Valaik Barnas McCoy Professor of Psychology, (hired 1994) B.S., Loyola College of Maryland, M.A., Ph.D. West Virginia University

Wendy Bartlett Instructor in Geology, (hired 2008) B.A., B.S. Marietta College, M.S. Texas A.&M. University

William M. Bauer McCoy Associate Professor of Education, (hired 2002) B.S., M.Ed. Ohio University, M.A. Ph.D. The Ohio State University

Janet L. Bland Associate Professor of English, (hired 2005) B.A. University of Washington, M.A. Temple University, Ph.D. University of Denver

Ann E. Bragg Assistant Professor of Physics, Director of the Anderson Hancock Planetarium, (hired 2008) B.A. Rice University, Ph.D. Harvard University

Brian Brewer Head Baseball Coach, Instructor of Health and Physical Education, (hired 1999) B.A. Marietta College, M.Ed. John Carroll University

David J. Brown Associate Professor of Biology, (hired 2002) B.S., M.S. Ohio University, Ph.D. Duke University

Angela L. Burdiss Automated Systems and Services Librarian, Assistant Professor, (hired 1999) B.S. Bowling Green State University, M.L.S. Kent State University

Dawn L. Carusi Assistant Professor of Communication, (hired 2003) B.S., M.A. West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. Ohio University

Timothy D. Catalano Associate Professor of English, Director of the Campus Writing Center, (hired 2001) B.A. Wilmington College, M.A. University of Dayton, Ph.D. University of Louisville

Chaya Chandrasekhar Assistant Professor of Art, (hired 2009) B.A. Bangalore University, India, M.A. Case Western Reserve University, Ph.D. The Ohio State University

Robert W. Chase Benedum Professor of Petroleum Engineering, (hired 1978) B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University

Jennifer Childers Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies, (hired 2008) B.S., B.S.M.S., M.S.P.A. Alderson Broaddus College

William Childers Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies, (hired 2007) B.S., M.S. Alderson-Broaddus College

Miranda M. Collins Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies, (hired 2002) B.S. Alderson-Broaddus College, M.P.A.S. University of Nebraska, PA-C

Jeffrey Cordell Assistant Professor of Theatre, (hired 2006) B.A. Marietta College. M.A. University of Pittsburgh

Raymond Costa Head Volleyball Coach, (hired 2007) B.A. York College of PA

Richard E. Crowther, ATC Associate Professor and Director of Athletic Training Education, (hired 1989) B.S. Bowling Green State University, M.S. University of Arizona

Jane Dailey Assistant Professor of Mass Media, (hired 2006) B.S. University of Rio Grande, M.S. Ohio University, Ph.D. Louisiana State University

Richard K. Danford Associate Professor of Spanish, Director of Latin American Studies, (hired 1998) B.S., M.A. Ph.D. The Ohio State University

Michael Deegan Assistant Baseball and Cross Country Coach,(hired 2003) B.A. Marietta College

Gregory J. Delemeester McCoy Professor, Milton Friedman Professor of Economics, (hired 1986) B.S. Michigan State University, Ph.D. Texas A&M University

Alicia M. Doerflinger Assistant Professor of Psychology, (hired 2007) B.S., Niagara University, M.S., Ph.D. Purdue University

Debra Sue Egolf Professor of Chemistry, (hired 1989) B.S., Lebanon Valley College, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University

Dorothy Erb Professor of Education, Divisional Coordinator of Social Science, Business, and Leadership Studies, (hired 1991) B.S., Miami University, M.Ed., Ph.D. Ohio University

James T. Falter Associate Professor of Management, (hired 2007) B.S., Miami University, M.B.A., University of Toledo, D.B.A. Nova Southeastern University

Eric J. Fitch Associate Professor of Environmental Science, (hired 1997) B.S., St. Meinrad College, M.En. Miami University, Ph.D. Michigan State University

David C. Freeman Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Assistant Dean for Assessment and Accreditation, (hired 1992) B.S. Marietta College, M.S. University of Oklahoma

Constance Golden Professor of Education, (hired 1988) B.S., M.A., Ed.D. West Virginia University

Liane Gray-Starner Associate Professor of Communication, (hired 2001) B.A. Wittenberg University, M.A. Western Kentucky University, Ph.D. Ohio University

John Grosel Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies,(hired 2006) B.A. Miami University, M.D. The Ohio State University

Jennifer A. Hancock Instructor in Biology, (hired 2008) B.A. Capital University, M.S. Ohio University

Carolyn Hares-Stryker McCoy Professor of English, (hired 1992) B.A. University of California, Santa Barbara, M.A., Ph.D. University of California, Davis

Kelly A. Harris Head Women’s Crew Coach, (hired 2007) B.S. University of New Hampshire

Beverly J. Hogue Associate Professor of English, (hired 2001) B.A. Asbury College, M.A. University of Kentucky, Ph.D. Bowling Green State University

Craig Howald Assistant Professor of Physics, (hired 2004) B.A. Carleton College, Ph.D. Stanford University

Kenneth J. Itzkowitz Henderson Professor of Philosophy, (hired 1989) B.A. Vassar College, Ph.D. State University of New York, Stony Brook

David L. Jeffery Associate Professor of Geology, (hired 2003) B.S. Marietta College, Ph.D. Texas A&M University

James R. Jeitler Assistant Professor of Chemistry, (hired 2007) B.S. State University of New York at Buffalo, M.A., Ph.D. Clark University

Michelle Jeitler Lecturer, Mathematics and Computer Science

Grace F. Johnson McCoy Professor of Management and Accounting, Director of Investigative Studies, (hired 1989) B.S., M.S. University of South Florida, C.P.A.

Jacqueline Khorassani Associate Professor of Economics, (hired 1994) B.A. College of Mass Communication, Tehran, Iran, M.S. University of Oregon, Ph.D. West Virginia University

Marshall C. Kimball Assistant Professor of Music, (hired 2006) B.A., M.M. Ohio University

Christopher Klein Assistant Professor of Psychology, (hired 2009) B.A., M.A., Ph.D. University of Alabama

Dennis E. Kuhl Rickey Associate Professor of Physics, (hired 2002) B.A. College of Wooster, M.S., Ph.D. Michigan State University

Debora A. Lazorik Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, (hired 1980) B.A. College of St. Francis, M.S. George Williams College

Robert Lipset Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering, (hired 2007) B.S. Kettering University M.S., Ph.D. Oakland University

Nicole C. Livengood Assistant Professor of English, (hired 2008) B.A. University of Minnesota/Norris, Ph.D. Purdue University

Katrina Lustofin Assistant Professor of Biology, (hired 2008) B.A. State University of New York at Buffalo, M.A. University of California, Davis, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Guadalupe Madrid Instructor in Spanish, (hired 2008) B.S. Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela, M.S. Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela, M.A. West Virginia University

David Makuch Assistant Professor of Theatre and Technical Director, (hired 2006) B.F.A Ohio University, M.F.A Western Illinois University

Jordan D. Mathias Assistant Professor of Chemistry, (hired 2009) B.S. Mary Washington College, Ph.D. University of Florida

Ryan K. May McCoy Associate Professor of Psychology, (hired 2002) B.A. Anderson University, M.S., Ph.D. The University of Memphis

Kathryn McDaniel McCoy Associate Professor of History, (hired 2001) B.A., Davidson College, M.A., Ph.D. Vanderbilt University

Cavendish Q. McKay Assistant Professor of Physics, (hired 2006) B.S., Brigham Young University, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Robert M. McManus McCoy Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies and Communication, (hired 2005) B.A. Judson College, M.B.A. Olivet Nazarene University, Ph.D. Regent University

David G. McShaffrey Professor of Biology, (hired 1989) B.S., M.S. University of Akron, Ph.D. Purdue University

Jill E. Meiring Head Women’s Basketball Coach, (hired 2007) B.A. Denison University, M.S., Eastern Kentucky University

Holly Menzel Instructor in Mathematics, (hired 2004) B.A. James Madison University, M.A., M.S. University of Kentucky

Matt Menzel Associate Professor of Mathematics, (hired 2004) B.A. Coe College, M.A., Ph.D. University of Kentucky

Mark A. Miller Associate Professor of Mathematics, (hired 1999) B.S.E. John Brown University, M.S., Ph.D. University of Colorado at Denver

Daniel G. Monek Associate Professor of Music, Divisional Coordinator of Arts and Humanities, Director of the Esbenshade Program, (hired 2000) A.A. University of Florida, B.M., B.S. University of South Florida, Ph.D. University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Marilee Morrow Assistant Professor of Mass Media, News Director/Sports Director, Director of the M.I.C.M. Program, (hired 1998) B.S. Ohio University, M.A. West Virginia University

Cathy Sue Mowrer Assistant Professor of Education, (hired 2003) A.A., Leeward Community College of Hawaii, B.Ed., University of Hawaii, M.Ed., Cambridge College, Ph.D. Ohio University

Kevin L. Pate McCoy Associate Professor of Chemistry, (hired 2001) B.S. Otterbein College, Ph.D. Yale University


Gamaliel Perruci Interim Provost and Dean of the Faculty,McCoy Professor of Leadership, Dean of the McDonough Center, (hired 1999) B.A., M.I.J. Baylor University, Ph.D. University of Florida

Ihor Pidhainy Assistant Professor of History, (hired 2009) B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., University of Toronto

Roger H. Pitasky Professor of Mathematics, (hired 1970) A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Rutgers University

Sidney Potash Professor of Leadership and Management, (hired 1974) B.S. Utica College, M.B.A., Ph.D State University of New York, Buffalo

Jolene Powell McCoy Associate Professor of Art, (hired 2002) B.A. West Virginia Wesleyan College, M.A. West Carolina University, M.F.A. Boston University

Joan Price Assistant Professor or Media Studies, Journalism (hired 2009) B.S.J. PhD. Ohio University, M.S.J. Northwestern University

Christopher J. Pucella Head Men’s Crew Coach, (hired 2005) B.A., Ed.M. University at Buffalo

Tanya Judd Pucella Assistant Professor, Director of Civic Engagement, (hired 2006) B.A., M.A., University of Florida

Jessica Rager Assistant Professor and Athletic Trainer in Sports Medicine, (hired 2007) B.S. Wright State University, M.S. California University of Pennsylvania

Janie Rees-Miller Professor of Language and Linguistics, Director of English as a Second Language, (hired 1996) B.A. Oberlin College, M.A. American University of Beirut, Lebanon, M.A., Ph.D. State University of New York, Stony Brook

Stephen Rose Assistant Men’s/Women’s Soccer Coach, (hired 2007) B.A. Walsh University, M.A.L.L. Marietta College

Mark Schaefer Assistant Professor of Political Science, (hired 2005) B.A., M.A., Ph.D. West Virginia University

Alane K. Sanders Instructor of Communication, (hired 2008) B.A. The Ohio State University, M.A. Ohio University

Jean A. Scott President of the College and Professor of History, (hired 2000) A.B. Westhampton College, University of Richmond, M.A., Ph.D. Harvard University

Mark E. Sibicky McCoy Professor of Psychology, Director of the M.A.P. Program, (hired 1990) B.A. University of Connecticut, M.A. Colgate University, Ph.D. University of Arkansas

Kemery J. Sigmund Assistant Professor of Sports Medicine (hired 2008) B.A. Hope College, M.S. Illinois State University

Lori Smith Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies, (hired 2004), B.S.J. Ohio University, M.A. Marietta College

Steven R. Spilatro McCoy Professor of Biology, (hired 1988) B.A. Ohio Weslyan University, Ph.D. Indiana University

Derek Stanley Head Men’s/Women’s Track/Cross Country Coach, (hired 2005) B.B.A. Tiffin University, M.Ed. Bowling Green State University

Gloria M. Stewart Director, Physician Assistant Studies Program and Professor of Physician Assistant Studies, (hired 2008) B.S. Alderson-Broaddus College, M.S. Springfield College, Ed.D. West Virginia University

Joseph E. Straw Reference and Instruction Librarian, Associate Professor, (hired 2007) B.A., M.L.S., M.A., Kent State University

Joseph M. Sullivan Associate Professor of English, (hired 2001) B.A. Loras College, M.A. Marquette University, Ph.D. University of Toledo

Michael E. Tager Associate Professor of Political Science, (hired 1995) A.B. Cornell University, M.A., Ph.D. University of North Carolina

Michael B. Taylor McCoy Professor of Leadership and Management, (hired 1977) B.A. Carleton College, S.T.B. (B.D.), Ph.D. Harvard University, M.B.A. Ohio University

J. Peter Thayer Reference & Access Services Librarian, Assistant Professor, (hired 1997) B.P.S., B.S. State University of New York, Utica, M.L.S. State University of New York, Albany

Benjamin H. Thomas Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering and Geology, (hired 2002) B.B.A. Kent State University, B.S.P.E. Marietta College, M.B.A. Ashland University, M.S., Ph.D. West Virginia University

Luding Tong Associate Professor of Chinese, Director of Asian Studies, (hired 2000) B.A. Anhui University, Anhui Province, China, M.A. Southern Illinois University, M.A., Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis

David Torbett Assistant Professor of Religion and History, (hired 2007) B.F.A. New York University, M.Div. Andover Newton Theological School, Ph.D. Union Theological Seminary

Almuth H. Tschunko Professor of Biology, (hired 1986) B.S. Tufts University, M.A.T. Cornell University, M.S., Ph.D. University of Michigan

John Tynan Associate Professor of Mathematics, Registar, (hired 2001) B.A. Grove City College, M.S., Ph.D. Ohio University

Robert Van Camp Associate Professor of Computer Science, (hired 2008) B.S. West Liberty State College, M.S. University of West Virginia College of Graduate Studies

Jonathan K. VanderWal Head Men’s Basketball Coach, (hired 2007) B.A. Albion College M.Ed. Defiance College

Frederick R. Voner Associate Professor of Geology and Ebenezer Baldwin Andrews Chair of Natural Science, (hired 1982) B.A. University of Maine, M.S., Ph.D. Miami University

Ena Cecilia Vulor McCoy Associate Professor of French Language and Literature, Director of European Studies, (hired 1993) B.A. University of Ghana, M.A., Ph.D. Cornell University

Suzanne H. Walker Associate Professor of Communication, Assistant Dean for First Year Experience and Advising, (hired 1999) B.S. University of Indianapolis, M.A., Ph.D. Indiana University

Jeremy Wang Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems, (hired 2004) B.A. Marietta College, M.B.A. Ohio University

Xiaoxiong Yi Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of China Institute, (hired 1989) B.A. Beijing Normal University, China, M.A. Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. American University

Brent Yorgason Assistant Professor of Music, (hired 2007) A.A.S. Brigham Young University-Idaho, B.A. Utah State University, M.M. Indiana University

Matthew Young McCoy Associate Professor of History, (hired 2000) B.A. Kenyon College, M.A., Ph.D. Bowling Green State University

Abdelali Ziyati Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies, (hired 2007) B.A., Institute of Journalism, Rabat, Morocco, M.A., Ph.D., Ohio University


Adjunct Faculty of the College

Cheryl E. Arnold Department of Psychology, (hired 1998) B.A. Westminster College, M.S., Ph.D. University of Georgia

Michelle Dawn Brooker Department of Business & Economics, (hired 2006) B.S., Otterbein College, Certified Public Accountant

Evelyn J. Bryant Department of Education, (hired 1998) B.A. College of New Jersey, M.A.L.L., M.A.Ed. Marietta College

J. Mitchell Casey Department of Mass Media, (hired 1999) B.F.A. Ohio State University

Robert Coddington Department of Music B.M., M.M., Peabody Conservatory

Joseph Davis Department of Art, (hired 2009) B.F.A. The Ohio State University, M.F.A. Ohio University

Cheryl Ferrebee Department of Business & Economics, (hired 2007) B.S., West Virginia University, M.A.L.L., Marietta College

Veronica Freeman Department of Geology, (hired 1993) B.S. Southwest Missouri State University, M.S. University of Texas at Arlington

Peter E. Hogan Graduate Program in Physician Assistant Studies B.S. Worcester State University, M.S. University of Connecticut, Ph.D. Michigan State University

C. Roger Lewis Department of Business & Economics, (hired 1976) B.A. North Carolina State University, M.S. University of North Carolina

Beth Nash Department of Art, (hired 2002) B.F.A. Kent State University, M.A.L.L. Marietta College

Melissa Parlin Department of English B.A. LaGrange College, M.A. Marquette University

Thomas D. Perry Department of Communication and Media Studies (hired 2003) B.A., West Virginia University, M.C.M., Marietta College

Ann Marie Picciano, P.T., A.T.C. Department of Sports Medicine, (hired 1998) B.S. Marietta College, M.S. University of Indianapolis

David Puls Department of Music B.M., University of Arizona, M.M., University of Akron

Arthur Smith Department of Communication and Media Studies, 1994 B.S.J. Ohio University, M.A.L.L. Marietta College

Andrew Stern Department of Sports Medicine,(hired 1999) B.S. Tennessee State University

David M. Tadlock Department of Music, (hired 2003) B.Mus. Indiana University, M.Mus, D.Mus, University of Connecticut at Storrs

Jeffrey P. Walker Department of Communication and Media Studies, (hired 2004) B.S. University of Indianapolis, M.A. Indiana University

G. Ryan Zundell Department of Communication and Media Studies (hired 1997) B.A., Marietta College, M.A., West Virginia University