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FYE First Year Experience Course

The First Year Experience course is a specially designated 100 or 200 level course designed to engage students in college level learning, which often means learning on one's own to a degree greater than was true in high school. Taken during the first semester, the course introduces first year students to the important skills of critical thinking in the context of a class small enough to encourage discussion and interaction. Many FYE courses are part of learning communities, helping students to form and deepen friendships by sharing more than one class together. Academic advising is organized through FYE and through other required freshmen courses. The FYE course may introduce a discipline, fulfill a general education requirement, or explore an issue or topic from one or more disciplinary perspectives. The course is graded with a letter grade, A-F. (Students transferring from other colleges with 25 or more credits are exempt from this requirement. This exemption does not apply to students who took college level courses while enrolled in high school.)

Credit: 3 hours

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FYE 102 College Life and Leadership Lab

The College Life and Leadership Lab helps students to develop the skills and habits of a citizen leader, to value accountability to the community, personal ownership, and self-governance.

As part of the First Year Program, the course is designed to help students meet their responsibilities and make a successful transition to the world of higher education. The course is graded Pass or letter grade F, P/F, and may not be repeated. The course is optional for the general college population. Students designated by Admission and the Director of the Academic Resource Center as “At-Risk” are required to take the course. International students are required to take a special cultural transitions section of the course.

Credit: 1 hours