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Web Services

The Web Services department maintains the core sections of the Marietta College website and provides the following services to Academic and Administrative Departments as well as Student Clubs and Organizations:

  • Updating Content or Creating a New Page for a Core Site
  • Creating a New Form or Survey
  • Creating a promotional banner for rotation on the home page
  • Developing a New Site (or Redesigning a Site) on Marietta.edu

On average, please allow:

3 to 5 business days for updates and new additions to core and departmental pages.(see Website Maintenance policy, below)

2 weeks for the creation of a form or survey.(see Form Creation policy, below)

2 weeks for the creation of a promotional web banner (see Banner policy, below)

4 to 10 weeks for the creation of a new site. (see New Site policy, below)

Requests for web services should be emailed to:

Nate Knobel, Coordinator of Digital Communications, at nate.knobel@marietta.edu.

Website Maintenance Policy

Minor edits to copy, photos, documents, etc. are generally executed in the order they are received. Please email your request to the webmaster and include the URL of the page(s) you want updated. If you have an urgent need please state that in your email. If you have a large number of images or other items with large file sizes, please do not email them but instead put them on a CD and deliver them to the Web Services department.

Form Creation Policy

Web Services can create an online form for you upon request. You must provide the text copy and the information to collect. Forms can submit data to an email address of your choosing or to an Excel file. Email the webmaster to set up a consultation.

Website Banner Policy

As a courtesy to the Marietta College community, the Web Services department will be happy to create a banner for your event and add that banner to the rotation on the home page, provided that you notify us a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start date of that event.

The banner will be 519 pixels wide by 147 pixels high and appear in the middle of the Marietta College home page, underneath the Featured Stories and Targeted Navigation Bar, and above the News RSS feed. You must provide the text copy for the banner, specifically what, when and where. You can include additional information but due to space limitations it may be edited. You will be notified of any edits and given a chance to revise your submission if necessary. You are free to send any images you would like incorporated into the design of the banner, although it is not mandatory as Web Services can use existing/stock images as necessary.

New Website Policy

The Web Services department can redesign existing departmental sites or create an new site from scratch. If you would like a new website, contact the webmaster to set up an initial meeting to discuss the project. Departments should designate one person to be the point of contact, and that person will liaison with Web Services on all matters of the new website. Anyone submitting a request who anticipates limited personal availability (for example, a student close to graduation, an over-worked department head, etc.) is encouraged to name a secondary contact to be point-person responsible for seeing the project through to completion.

Tips to make your new website project go smoothly

  • Know your Audience. Create a document stating the purpose of the website, and what audience you wish to reach.
  • Be prepared. Create as much content for the site as possible before contacting Web Services. Know what you want the website to say, and how you want to say it. Think about what the different sections will be and create an outline to organize those sections. Procure and have ready any images, audio, video or other media items that you will want included on the site.
  • Do Research. Check out other websites and make notes about the ones you like, and why you like them.

Bring all of the above with you to the initial meeting on a CD-Rom or USB Flash drive. Depending on the scope of the project and other demands on our staff you project should be completed within 4-10 weeks. Failure to provide content and/or timely feedback will delay the project.

Also, as part of Phase 2 of the current Marietta College Website Redesign project, all department sites will be evaluated on the basis of how well they meet certain criteria, including the following:

  • Accuracy of information. All websites affiliated with Marietta College must contain accurate, relevant information. Out-of-date or obsolete copy, documents, pictures, event announcements, etc. must be replaced or eliminated.
  • Ease of navigation. All websites affiliated with Marietta College must be easy to navigate internally, and must contain a link back to the Marietta College Homepage w3.marietta.edu.
  • Adherence to Marietta College Visual Identity Guidelines. Departments have a great deal of artistic license to design their sites to whatever aesthetics they desire, but use of official Marietta College logos and colors must follow the guidelines stated here.

Department sites that do not meet the standards set above will be notified by email. Department heads may delegate the contact person of their choosing to work with Web Services to ensure a satisfactory website. Failure of departments to respond to notification emails in a timely manner will be interpreted as tacit approval to proceed at Web Services discretion.