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Style Guide

The intention of this guide is to promote consistency in Marietta publications and other written materials, whether they are intended for internal or external audiences. Produced by Strategic Communications and Marketing, the guide covers frequently used terms; usage rules that often pose problems; some general usage guidelines; and many terms and names unique to the College.

Our sources:

  • For most publications and other written material, we use The Chicago Manual of Style.
  • For questions of spelling, we use The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.
  • For the Web, we generally follow Chicago.
  • For news releases, we follow the Associated Press Stylebook, preferred by many newspapers and other media outlets.

In some cases, we have created exceptions that are specific to Marietta College.

We expect to modify this guide on a continuing basis as we learn of omissions or additions that must be made. We welcome questions about usage and grammar, as well as suggestions for new listings and for making this guide more helpful.

We encourage you to use the Online A-Z Web Style Guide to ensure correct usage.