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Publication Services

Types of publications our office will design in-house:

  • For external audiences, including prospective students, alumni, gift prospects, and parents.
  • Most publications for internal audiences written in an institutional voice and representing the College at large. Examples include the course catalog, Admission postcards and publications sent from Student Life.
  • Posters and other publications highlighting some institutional programs or lecture series.


Strategic Communications and Marketing does not bill for work performed by in-house designers or writers. Your office or department must cover all charges for printing and for creative services performed outside Strategic Communications and Marketing.

Content and style

College Relation will see to it that your publication's graphic style adheres to the College's visual identity guidelines.

Project management, start to finish:

  1. You initiate the project by contacting Tori Taylor, Publications Coordinator, at (740) 376-4717.
  2. Tori will discuss the basics with you. She'll ask you about the audience for the publication and the size of your budget, and advise you on the best format for the publication and a timeline for production.
  3. Strategic Communications and Marketing will make a production schedule marking important deadlines including delivery date. Schedules will vary, depending on the size and complexity of the project and the schedules of other projects being completed by Strategic Communications and Marketing at the time.
  4. You must provide completely edited text that has been reviewed by all parties who will approve the final piece.
  5. You'll be given at design to review.
  6. You and anyone else who must sign off should proof the final draft.
  7. You approve final artwork. Files will be sent to the printer after the final copy is approved.