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Photography Requests

Requests for existing photos

Strategic Communications and Marketing retains photographic archives containing images of Marietta people, places, and events. Subjects include individual buildings; individual administrators, staff members, and faculty members; Commencement, Reunion Weekend, and other institutional events; particular students and alumni; and general campus scenes and student life. We also maintain photo release forms for these photos within our offices.

If you need a particular Marietta photo, contact us. We'll find the image and send it to you as soon as we can, but please allow us a few days to fulfill the request.

If you have more general requirements and would like to browse the collection, let us know. We can set up an appointment for you to visit the office and browse the image library at your leisure.

Faculty and staff photography

Strategic Communications and Marketing will periodically schedule sessions to take photos of new faculty members as well as faculty members whose photos have become outdated. These sessions are conducted at the expense of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

If you or a faculty member in your department is in need of a new photograph, please contact us.

Requests for photo coverage

Strategic Communications and Marketing is available for day-to-day photography needs of campus. However, if your needs are for publications or donor relations we may suggest you hire a freelance photographer. We are happy to recommend a quality professional photographer to fit your budget.