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Guidelines for requesting a campus-wide email

The Marietta College community can have relevant “need-to-know” news and event announcements distributed via email to three college-wide target audiences: faculty (mc-faculty@marietta.edu), employees (mc-admin@marietta.edu) and students (mc-student@marietta.edu). An email can go to just one or all three groups.

In these groups, “faculty” include all individuals who are in MyMarietta as instructors—regular, part time and adjunct. “Employees” include all staff and all administrative and professional faculty.

There are also smaller groups that have been identified for targeted delivery of email messages. They are seniors (mc-sr@marietta.edu), juniors (mc-jr@marietta.edu), sophomores (mc-so@marietta.edu), freshmen (mc-fr@marietta.edu), continuing education (mc-ce@marietta.edu), education abroad (mc-abroad@marietta.edu), graduate students (mc-master@marietta.edu) and department heads (mc-deptheads@marietta.edu).

E-mail distribution lists are used to facilitate “need-to-know” resource sharing, as well as anything that is of academic importance to the majority. The overuse of campus-wide emails can reduce effective communication and so the College also encourages the use of Campus Announcements on the MyMarietta portal.

Marietta College’s President and the Cabinet have granted approval and oversight of the email distribution system to Strategic Communications and Marketing.

To request a campus-wide email, simply complete your email and send it to one or more of the above addresses. Once it has been reviewed the email will either be approved or rejected. If it is rejected, the person who submitted it will receive an email with an explanation of why it was not approved.

Please follow these guidelines when requesting a campus-wide email:

  1. Material sent to distribution lists must be related to the group being mailed and must pertain to Marietta College business. The distribution lists are not intended to be used for personal or commercial gain.
  2. Use of plain text and web links are encouraged. Use of attachments and graphics are not permitted. Prepare the e-mail message exactly the way it should be sent out. Keep messages brief and to the point.
  3. Each message must contain the intended recipient(s), meaningful subject line, and signature block with sender, sender’s departmental affiliation, office telephone number and email address.
  4. E-mails should be edited carefully for content before being sent for posting. Repeat emails and corrections will be sent on a very limited basis. The moderator does not have the capability to edit the message before it is emailed.
  5. Sender is responsible for all replies, responses, and complaints.
  6. The posting of email messages is determined by Strategic Communications and Marketing. If a posting is denied, the message is returned to the sender with an explanation.