Junior / Senior Capstone Course: Research and Design I, II & III

In the Athletic Training major the capstone course begins during the spring semester of the student’s Junior year (SPTM 484). During the semester students are instructed on research fundamentals and begin to formulate ideas for their topic of interest. Research topics in the Athletic Training majors can include areas in therapeutic rehabilitation, therapeutic modalities, nutrition, exercise physiology, and injury prevention.

During the student's Senior year their topic has been approved by the college’s Human Subjects Review board, and they begin to collect data (SPTM 485). After the data is collected students will conduct a statistical analysis to determine significant findings. During the spring semester of the Senior year (SPTM 486) students present the results of their study to faculty members in the department and their student peers. By joining the NATA ( National Athletic Trainers Association) students are eligible to apply for funding from the OATA (Ohio Athletic Trainers Association) research grant committee to help pay for cost associated with their research project.