Psychology Department Research

The Department of Psychology has a strong and active research program that focuses on engaging our students in the research process. Opportunities to be involved in research abound, from research labs, research courses, honors theses, summer fellowship projects, individual faculty projects, to simply being a research participant. We believe that no matter what path you choose in psychology, a strong research background is great preparation.

You can see the fruits of research projects at a number of venues each year, including the Tri-State Undergraduate Psychology Conference, All Scholars Day, and our annual trips to regional conferences.

Research Participation

All PSYC 101 and PSYC 212 courses include research participation as a requirement. Participating in research not only helps students and faculty, but it can also be insightful, fun, and interesting.

All department-sponsored research follows the guidelines of the American Psychological Association for the ethical treatment of human subjects and must pass the College's Human Subjects Committee criteria.

Students enrolled in PSYC 101 and 212 are registered automatically in the department's research participation site. Researchers and students at Marietta College utilize an online research participation system, found at

Based on your registration for PSYC 101 and PSYC 212, you will be registered automatically as a research participant in this system with a UserID and Password.

Your UserID will be the part of your Marietta College e-mail address before the @ sign (e.g., if your e-mail is, your UserID for the online system will be "jhh001"). Once you are registered, you will receive an e-mail that lists your UserID and password.

Do not delete any messages that come from the Marietta College Research Participation Site! However, if you lose your password or accidentally delete this e-mail, you should:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Lost your password? Click here to retrieve it!"
  • In the next screen, enter in your UserID and the system will e-mail you with your password.

Once you have entered the site, you will be able to click on active research studies, view the open timeslots for participation, and decide whether to sign up for one or more studies. The system will automatically send you reminder e-mails once you have signed up for a study, which include the day, time, and location of the study.

After Participating in a Study

After you have participated in a study, the researcher will enter your credit into the web site. Shortly thereafter, and at any time during the semester, you should be able to check the number of credits you have earned through research participation.

Questions or Concerns? Contact Dr. Christopher Klein (