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Physics Major

Required physics courses:

PHYS 221/222 General Physics I & II, with lab 8 hours
PHYS 321 Modern Physics 3 hours
PHYS 325 Mathematical Methods for Physics 3 hours
PHYS 331/332 Experimental Physics I & II 4 hours
PHYS 342 Classical Mechanics I 3 hours
PHYS 352 Electricity and Magnetism I 3 hours
PHYS 362 Quantum Mechanics I 3 hours
PHYS 491/492 Physics Research I & II 3 hours
  Subtotal, required physics: 30 hours

Required technical courses outside physics:

MATH 125 Calculus I 4 hours
MATH 126 Calculus II 4 hours
MATH 225 Calculus III 4 hours
MATH 302 Differential Equations with Numerical Methods 3 hours
CSCI 210 Scientific Computing and Problem Solving 3 hours
CHEM 131/133 General Chemistry I, with lab 4 hours
  Subtotal, required technical courses: 22 hours

Plus 6 hours selected from the following list of technical electives:

PHYS 381 Special Topics 3 hours
PHYS 442 Classical Mechanics II 3 hours
PHYS 452 Electricity and Magnetism II 3 hours
PHYS 462 Quantum Mechanics II 3 hours
  Subtotal, technical electives: 6 hours
Total hours for the Physics Major: 58 hours

Students planning to attend graduate school should take all 4 of the technical electives listed above (if possible) and as many as possible from the following:

PHYS 322 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 3 hours
PHYS 499 Physics Teaching Assistant Preparation 1 hour
CSCI 115 Computer Programming I 3 hours
MATH 304 Linear Algebra 3 hours
MATH 340 Numerical Analysis 3 hours

Note:If the particular choice of technical electives results in a total of more than 58 hours, only 58 hours will be applied toward the major; the remaining hours will count toward graduation. Some of the technical electives may have prerequisites that do not count toward the major because no particular technical elective is specifically required for the major. Because students have the option of not taking any particular technical elective, any prerequisites do not apply toward satisfaction of the major.

Suggested Sequence of Courses Required for the Physics Major

Year Fall Spring
Freshman PHYS 221
MATH 125
PHYS 222
MATH 224
CSCI 210
Sophomore PHYS 321
PHYS 331
MATH 225
PHYS 325
PHYS 332
MATH 304
Junior PHYS 342
PHYS 352
PHYS 442
PHYS 452
Senior PHYS 362
PHYS 491
PHYS 499
PHYS 462
PHYS 492
PHYS 499

For more information, see the Undergratuate Catalog.