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Astronomy Minor

One of the requirements for graduation from Marietta College is completion of an academic major. A minor, on the other hand, is optional.

There are three principal rules governing minors:

  • A minor consists of 18 to 24 credit hours, and includes a reasonable distribution of lower and upper division courses.
  • If a student takes a major and one or more minors, each minor must include at least 12 hours that do not overlap the chosen major or another minor. (The minor in mathematics is exempt from this 12-hour rule.)
  • A minimum of six credit hours in the minor must have been earned at Marietta College.

Please refer to the college catalog for additional regulations pertaining to minors.

Requirements for the Astronomy Minor (credit is given in semester hours):

PHYS 101, 211, or 221 Introductory Physics Course (Includes Lab) 4 hours

ASTR 105

Introduction to Astronomy (Includes Lab)

4 hours

ASTR 106

Planetarium Seminar

1 hour

ASTR 205

Life in the Universe

3 hours

ASTR 305

Big Bang and Beyond

3 hours

ASTR 306

Introductory Astrophysics

3 hours


Total hours for the Physics Minor:

18 hours

For more information, see the Undergratuate Catalog.