Lacie Baker

Lacie B

Hometown: Cambridge, OH
B.S.: Biology/Chemistry
West Liberty University

Growing up I have always wanted a profession in the medical field where I would have the opportunity to help others. In high school I participated in a mentoring program which allowed me to shadow physicians, nurses, and pharmacists at the local hospital and surrounding health care facilities. I went to West Liberty University where I pursued a double major in biology and chemistry. While there I participated in many clubs and was a resident assistant. It wasn't until my senior year that I learned about the physician assistant degree. I began to shadow physician assistants in different specialties and worked as a patient tech and secretary for the intensive care unit at SEORMC. From that point on, I knew that the physician assistant career would be right for me. I am currently interested in orthopedics having been around sports my entire life, either playing or coaching, but will keep an open mind during rotations. I am very excited about this journey and honored to be a member of the Marietta College Physician Assistant Class of 2014.

Bradley Barnes

Bradley B

Hometown: Hamilton, OH
B.A.: Zoology
Miami University

My path into the medical field is unique as it began while I worked on a church bus route picking up underprivileged kids in my community. We brought these children to church, showed them attention, and gave them love, something that most of them had never received.  I knew in my heart at that time, if God would grant me the opportunity, I would work hard and push myself to the point where I could be used to make a difference in people’s lives emotionally and physically.  I began working in this ministry to make an impact on others’ lives, but to my surprise it was these very children who made an impact on my life,  and  opened my eyes to the field  God was truly calling me to - medicine. While attending Miami University, I was able to combine my interest in science with medicine as I began working at a fire department as a firefighter/paramedic and as a technician in an Emergency Department.  After obtaining my Bachelor’s in Zoology from Miami University, I was given the opportunity to work for the County Coroner’s office assisting the Forensic Pathologist in autopsies. All of these remarkable opportunities led me to believe that a career as a Physician Assistant is what I am called to do. As a Physician Assistant, I can combine my excitement at working in medicine with my desire to have an effect on people’s lives and support them in life’s best and worst situations. Because of the continued love, support and encouragement I received from family and friends I am able to pursue my dreams. I am blessed to be a part of Marietta’s Physician Assistant Program and look forward to what doors God will open in the future.

Kayla Bartlett

Kayla B

Hometown: Philippi, WV
B.S.: Biology/Chemistry
West Virginia Wesleyan College

Growing up with a brother with spina bifida, I knew that I wanted to have a career in the medical field since I was young.  Hospitals and rehab centers were a large part of my childhood; I saw them as wonderful places with amazing people there to help my brother become his best. While obtaining my degree in biology from West Virginia Wesleyan College, I was required to participate in experiential learning.  It was during this time that I made the decision to become a physician assistant.  I shadowed Crystal Gregory, PA-C, at the Belington Wellness Center and Brandon Wellness Center in 2010-2011.  This experience impressed upon me the difference I could make in the lives of those in my rural community.  Because of that, I am most interested in working at a hospital in pediatrics or at a clinic in family medicine.  I am excited to be part of the Marietta Physician Assistant Program and am eager for the clinical year!

Pamela Bucher

Pamela B

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
B.S.: Exercise Science
Ohio University

I earned my bachelors degree in Exercise Science at Ohio University in 2008.  After graduation, I shadowed and volunteered in various health care settings to guide my decision about which career path would be the best fit for me. I always had a strong interest in the medical field and originally had my heart set on Physical Therapy until I observed a Physician Assistant in the emergency room.  I was immediately drawn to the PA field and observed another PA in a specialized ENT setting to gain insight and a better understanding of the role PA's play in the health care profession.  Although I am uncertain about which specialty I want to pursue in the future, I am very excited and honored to further my studies and be a part of the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program.

Jordan Bulcher

Jordan B

Hometown: Powell, OH
B.S.: Genetics
Ohio State University

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University. I always had an interest in science and medicine, but was unsure what my post-graduate plans would entail. I began working at The Wexner Medical Center as a hospital transporter and knew that medicine was where I wanted to be. After shadowing several physician assistants, it was clear that being a physician assistant was the career for me. Currently, I am interested in working in infectious disease because of my love of microbiology and molecular biology. That being said, I am really looking forward to clinical rotations where I will be able to utilize the skills I have learned at Marietta College and discover the career that is right for me.

Shaina Cain

Shaina C

Hometown: Big Bend, WV
B.A.: Religion/History
Georgetown College

I grew up working in my family’s veterinary clinic and had always intended to go into medicine but during college I became distracted.  After graduating with a degree in religion and working for several years, I realized that I still wanted to go into medicine.  So I went back to school in West Virginia and studied biology.  I was fortunate to shadow a Marietta College graduate and learn more about the program.  Eventually I plan to work in primary care, but for the first five to ten years I would like to work in trauma or through a missions group.

Kaitlin Cleves

Kaitlin C

Hometown: Newport, KY
B.A.: Psychology
University of Kentucky

After attending University of Kentucky for four years, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I worked at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. It was here that I realized I wanted to become a Physician Assistant. I attended Northern Kentucky University and completed science prerequisites for the Physician Assistant Program. During this time, I volunteered in the emergency department of St. Elizabeth Hospital. Also, I had the opportunity to shadow a PA who worked in dermatology and a PA who worked in pulmonary medicine. I am excited and grateful to be on the path to becoming a Physician Assistant and I look forward to all of the experiences I will encounter along the way.

Heather Colonna

Heather C

Hometown: Erie, PA
B.S.: Biology
John Carroll University

I received my undergraduate degree in Biology at John Carroll University in 2011.  During my four years there I became a certified first responder and participated in the campus wide emergency response team, JCU EMS.  I was also the treasurer and an active member of Kappa Delta Sorority, as well as a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Health Pre-Professional Honorary Society.  Although I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, it was not until my junior year of undergrad that after shadowing several physicians and PA’s, I decided that Physician Assistant was the right path for me. After graduating from JCU, I became a certified nursing assistant and worked in a long term care facility to gain experience in working closely with patients.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the residents and learning what made them unique as individuals.  I am very excited to continue my education in medicine at Marietta College.  I look forward to becoming the best Physician Assistant I can be and hope to make a difference in my future patients’ lives.

Morgan Copeland

Morgan C

Hometown: Charleston, WV
M.S.: Physiology
Marshall University

I am a graduate of Marshall University in Huntington West Virginia. While there, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Clinical Physiology. Working as a graduate assistant in cardiac rehabilitation I knew I loved medicine. However, I wanted to do more for my patients and have a more active role in their treatment. With the influence and support of wonderful family and friends, I am here to become the best physician assistant I can. I know without a doubt the medical field is where I am meant to be, and I am thankful for the path that has led me here to Marietta College.

Jenny Daubert

Jenny D

Hometown: Marietta, OH
B.S.: Biochemistry
Marietta College

My passion for health care stemmed from my mom who is a Registered Nurse. I was deeply impressed with what she did and how she impacted peoples lives. During my time in undergrad at Marietta College I was introduced to the physician assistant program. Throughout my undergraduate years my passion for health care grew and becoming a physician assistant became a great ambition of mine. I job shadowed in clinical microbiology and pathology, and I also shadowed physician assistants in cardiothoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, emergency medicine, electrophysiology, and orthopedics. I also received a phlebotomy certificate from the local vocational school. I look forward to the didactic and clinical years and am excited for an opportunity to do an elective rotation in hematology oncology.


Kristen Downing

Kristen D

Hometown: Uniontown, OH
B.A.: Biology
Malone University

I received my bachelor’s degree in Biology at Malone University where I was on a cross country and track scholarship. I have always been interested in medicine, but my interest was heightened after sustaining an injury that kept me from competing for over a year. Through my injury, I was able to talk with numerous physicians in sports medicine and other areas who were willing to explain my MRI and x-ray images and answer all of my questions. I found this all to be fascinating and I knew that I would one day love to be part of a team like this. One of my professors introduced me to the Physician Assistant career and after research and shadowing multiple Physician Assistants, I decided that this was a good fit for me. After graduation, I had the opportunity to teach an anatomy lab at Malone while working as an aide at a local Physical Therapy office. I feel these experiences have helped prepare me for this program and career and I am excited to be a member of Marietta College’s Physician Assistant Program.

Janet Downs

Janet D

Hometown: Hemlock, OH
B.A.: Biology
Capital University

I received my Bachelor’s degree with a major in Biology and a minor in psychology from Capital University. During my time there, I was a member of Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society, CELT Peer Tutor, and Northwest Agency Mentor. As an undergraduate I was unsure of what field within healthcare that I wanted to pursue my career. After shadowing a cardiology Physician Assistant, I confirmed my decision to enter the healthcare field as a Physician Assistant. My patient care exposure was as a Physical Therapy Aide at 1st Choice Physical Therapy in Bexley, Ohio. At the current time my main interests are Cardiology and Dermatology.

John Ferenczy

John F

Hometown: Mayfield Heights, OH
B.S.: Biology/Health Sciences
Cleveland State University

My passion towards working in the medical field began during my enlistment in the United States Army.  I gained unique exposure to the health care field working as a field line medic in the 82nd Airborne Division and during lengthy deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  I bared witness to the atrocities of war and although I had intense emotions it was the act of healing those sick and injured that grounded my placement in the medical field.  I continued to learn new medical skills while working in the Battalion aid station, providing drop zone and range coverage, and teaching Combat Lifesaver classes.  The route to Physician Assistant was provided by the mentorship received from the Battalion Physician Assistant who provided instruction as well as an example of dedication to the art of medicine.  Upon leaving the military, I gained a baccalaureate degree in Biology and Health Science from Cleveland State University.  I continued my exposure to the healthcare field while working in a cardiovascular intensive care unit and also in an automated biochemistry lab at the Cleveland Clinic.  My shadowing hours were conducted with Physician Assistants in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, LVAD, and family practice.  I am very interested in going into family practice or emergency medicine but also looking forward to the experiences provided during the clinical year.  I am enthusiastic about the opportunity provided by Marietta College and proud to be part of the Physician Assistant Class of 2014.

Nicole Gwisdalla

Nicole G

Hometown: Ripley, WV
B.S.: Biochemistry
Marietta College

Ever since I was young I have been interested in the medical profession, but was unsure of which path to take. During high school and college, I gained some great experience working for an internal medicine physician. However, it was my sister’s battle with leukemia that truly inspired me to pursue a career in the medical profession. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Marietta College and graduated Summa Cum Laude. It was here that I began learning about physician assistants and their role in healthcare. After graduation, I decided to take a break from the classroom and became a certified horse trainer. During this time, I had the great opportunity to train horses and teach horsemanship clinics all over the U.S. Although I love the profession, I felt like I needed a more stable career and went back to my original intent of entering the medical field. After much research and deliberation, I decided that becoming a PA was the right decision for me. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful program, and am looking forward to clinical rotations and my upcoming career as a PA!

Sarah Hathaway

Sarah H

Hometown: Vienna, WV
B.S.: Biology
Marietta College

I decided to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with the goal of becoming a medical professional in mind.  Following graduation from Marietta College, I became a Certified Nurse’s Aide and worked in a skilled nursing facility as well as in a physician’s office. What I enjoyed most about my working experience was interacting directly with patients and having an active role in patient care. I investigated several career paths, and decided that a physician assistant seemed like a well-suited career for me. In order to further explore the physician assistant role, I set up shadowing opportunities with several physician assistants and physicians in multiple, varying fields of practice. I was able to shadow in orthopedics, surgery, ob-gyn, vascular surgery, family practice, and in the ER. I enjoyed all of these fields and realized that being a physician assistant would be a wonderful career in which I would be able to practice in many interesting areas of medicine. I am both grateful and excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Class of 2014 and to pursue my Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies.

Ryan Hentkowski

Ryan H

Hometown: Ponte Vedra, FL
B.S.: Exercise Science
Florida State University

My interest in medicine started early, sometime around the 6th grade. I grew up knowing a few radiologists who lived in my neighborhood and I took an interest in the profession. I went to college at Florida State University where I got my degree in Exercise Science with a Pre-Medicine focus. Throughout undergrad I thought I wanted to go to medical school until I went on a mission trip to Jamaica where I got to shadow a couple of PA’s. Talking with them and the radiologists who mentored me, I decided the PA profession was a better fit for me. I am excited to follow the path I’ve set out on and I hope to someday make a difference in my patients' lives.

Megan Holley

Megan H

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
B.A.: Biology
Ohio University

I recently received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Biology from Ohio University.  During my undergraduate years my passion for science and medicine became clearer as I volunteered in the emergency department of the local hospital and shadowed physician assistants at Beacon Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and also Hocking Valley Medical Group.  This exposure to healthcare and the roles and responsibilities of a physician assistant made my decision clear that this profession was right for me.  Upon completing my masters I aspire to work in emergency medicine or orthopedics and also hope to travel abroad to provide medical care in underprivileged communities. I am honored and excited to be a part of the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program Class of 2014.

Taryn Justus

Taryn J

Hometown: Sylvania, OH
B.S.: Biology
University of Toledo

While earning my Bachelor’s degree in Biology at The University of Toledo, I knew that I wanted a future working in the health care field. I originally spent my undergraduate career pursuing a pharmacy degree, but quickly realized that I desired more direct patient contact in my professional life. I wanted to be with the patients and consult, diagnose, and treat them rather than filling their prescriptions. Shadowing pediatric surgery physician assistants solidified my decision to pursue the physician assistant profession. I worked as an inpatient pharmacy technician at the Toledo Hospital for five years and was a biology lab teaching assistant for two years. I also worked as an Emergency Medical Scribe at Toledo and Flower Hospital for a year. This job provided me with a great opportunity to follow the physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistants around the ER and chart for them while watching them assess and treat their patients. My current career interests lies in emergency medicine or trauma. I’m very appreciative for this outstanding opportunity that Marietta has provided me and I cannot wait for rotations to begin.

Taylor King

Taylor H

Hometown: Peterstown, WV
B.S.: Biology
Concord University

My interest in the medical field sparked when I was a child, and it has continually grown throughout my life. With the intention of pursuing a career in health care, I chose to major in Pre-Professional Biology at Concord University. Upon entering my undergraduate studies, I was unsure of which health care occupation I wanted to pursue. I explored many options, but none captivated me like the Physician Assistant profession did.  I first became exposed to the profession during my sophomore year of college. I shadowed multiple PA’s in family medicine and emergency medicine, and I immediately knew that I wanted to be a PA. I had the opportunity to participate in an international shadowing opportunity in rural India during my junior year of undergrad, and this experience has fueled my desire to become a PA. Furthermore, it has made me extremely interested in participating in international medical mission organizations upon graduation. I am thrilled to be a part of Marietta’s PA Program, and I am looking forward to the two years ahead.

Marie Koenig

Marie K

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
B.S.: Biology
Ohio State University

While at Ohio State, I volunteered at the OSU Medical Center, was a member of the Honors Program, worked as a teaching assistant for the Center for Life Science Education, and served as Vice President of Member Education and President of Kappa Delta Sorority. From a young age I knew I wanted to work in the medical field, but it was not until I began shadowing different medical professionals that I became passionate about the physician assistant career. I am proud to be a member of Marietta College Physician Assistant Studies Program Class of 2014 and look forward to my career as a Physician Assistant.

Sarah Laub

Sarah L

Hometown: Bellevue, OH
M.S.: Anatomy
Wright State University

I have always had a passion for medicine but after graduating high school I was unsure which direction was best for me.  During my junior year of my undergraduate program I learned of the Physician Assistant Program and knew instantly that this was the profession for me.  While earning my Bachelors degree I worked at a family practice office where I was able to develop my medical knowledge and interact directly with patients.  Upon graduating with my Masters degree I had the opportunity to teach undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology at both Wright State University and Terra Community College. The Physician Assistant profession is a promising one and I feel honored to be realizing my dreams as a part of Marietta's Class of 2014.

Sarah Mann

Sarah M

Hometown: Pottstown, PA
M.S.: Environmental Studies/Biology
Ohio University

I became interested in a career as a medical provider while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Micronesia and noticing poor health outcomes for people without access to quality primary care. When I returned to the US, I noticed a similar trend in rural southeast Ohio. I began researching various medical professions and the PA career was the perfect fit for me. I am excited to study at Marietta College and work as a PA both in the Appalachia region and internationally.

Casey Michalski

Casey M

Hometown: Wheeling, WV
B.S.: Biology
West Virginia University

At West Virginia University, I became increasingly interested in the field of science. I began to shadow emergency room doctors, a cardiologist, and doctors involved with treating certain cancers. Later, I began to work more hands on with patients in a group home setting, where I really discovered a passion for helping people. The classes are also very exciting and I’ve especially enjoyed learning how to read X-rays and CT scans in radiology class. I am really looking forward to my clinical rotations and finding the right field of medicine for me.

Kayla Miller

Kayla M

Hometown: Bartonville, IL
B.S.: Molecular and Cellular Biology/Psychology
University of Illinois

I received my Bachelor’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While completing my degree, I volunteered in a local emergency department where I enjoyed interacting with patients and being part of a healthcare team. I became interested in the physician assistant profession as a sophomore. After I had the opportunity to shadow a PA, I knew it was the career for me. I joined Illini Emergency Medical Services and became certified as an EMT-Basic, which made me more excited for a career in medicine. I am thrilled to be at Marietta College and cannot wait to join the PA profession! I look forward to seeing where my career takes me and hope to make a difference in the process.

Jenny Nafziger

Jenny N

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
B.S.: Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
University of Cincinnati

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Medical Imaging Technology from University of Cincinnati where I specialized in nuclear medicine and MRI.  After working in MRI for a few years I realized that I wanted to contribute to the lives of my patients more than my current career would allow.  While working full-time I took classes and shadowed physician assistants and doctors.  I had the pleasure of shadowing urology, orthopedics, general surgery, otolaryngology, and interventional radiology.   Getting the firsthand experience helped to confirm my decision to pursue a career as a PA.  Those I shadowed showed me what I longed for.  They not only helped the person physically but mentally and emotionally and were able to form relationships with their patients.  With the support of my family, friends, coworkers, and professionals I shadowed, I began pursuing a future as a physician assistant.   I am so honored to be a part of the Class of 2014!

Vincent Nguyen

Vincent N

Hometown: Norcross, GA
B.S.: Biology/Chemistry
Georgia State University

Upon graduation from Georgia State University I was not certain what career path I wanted to take.  A surgical first assistant that I knew brought me into the OR to shadow several orthopedic surgeons and PAs.  I was intrigued specifically by the role of the PA and decided I wanted to look further into this profession to see if it would be a good fit for me.  I continued shadowing PAs in various specialties around the Atlanta area and found this was the area of medicine I wanted to pursue.  I am happy with my decision and am enjoying the PA program at Marietta College.  Upon graduation from the program I hope to specialize in dermatology or rheumatology. However, I will continue to keep an open mind as to other specialties as I complete my clinical year.

Allison Nichols

Allison N

Hometown: Mansfield, OH
B.S.: Exercise Science
Ohio State University

I recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University. During my undergraduate career, I had many opportunities to volunteer at The James Comprehensive Cancer Center, as well as the MedCentral Health System. I also shadowed physician assistants in a variety of specialties (thoracic surgery, ENT, oncology) at the OSU Med Center and James Cancer Center. These experiences helped me decide to pursue a career as a physician assistant. I worked as a student assistant at OSU’s Center for Wellness and Prevention and gained valuable experience with the outpatient cardiac and pulmonary rehab programs, as well as weight management and bariatric programs. I hope to use my background in clinical exercise physiology and health promotion to encourage prevention and wellness in my field of practice. My initial interests as a physician assistant are general surgery and ob/gyn.

Angela Noble

Angela N

Hometown: Ravenswood, WV
B.S.: Other
West Virginia University-Parkersburg

Having a sister with special needs gave me an interest in medicine at a young age.  So after spending many years as an executive legal assistant, I found myself at a crossroads and decided to finally listen to the small voice inside me that kept asking if my work made a difference.  That led me to devote many years to being a home health provider, which I found to be very rewarding.  During that time, I began researching the PA profession and had the opportunity to spend many hours shadowing a Physician Assistant.  It was then that I felt I had truly discovered my passion. I am so excited to be a part of the Physician Assistant Program here at Marietta College.  I am looking forward to clinical rotations and I am eager to discover which area of medicine interests me most. I am grateful to have come this far, and I am confident the path ahead will be rewarding.

Rayanne Perez

Rayanne P

Hometown: Massillon, OH
B.S.: Biology/Psychology
Walsh University

I received my bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a minor in psychology, from Walsh University in 2011.  While there I was enrolled in the Pre-Physical Therapy program, and I fully believed that becoming a PT was what I wanted to do.  After shadowing a PT the summer before my senior year, I realized that it was not the right fit for me.  After some debate, I decided to start researching other options, especially medical schools.  In that research, I came across some information about Physician Assistant programs.  I immediately became interested and started exploring the career path.  After shadowing a few Physician Assistants, I knew that this was exactly the right fit for me.  I am excited and grateful to begin this new journey with the Marietta College PA Program’s Class of 2014.

Anna Plasterer

Anna P

Hometown: Chambersburg, PA
B.S.: Biology/Spanish
Cedarville University

I always had an interest in the medical field, but was uncertain about which profession to pursue. Through interning at a hospital in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania I was exposed to the PA profession and the role they play. After shadowing several Physician Assistants I decided that this career would be a great fit for my personality and goals in life. Prior to applying to the PA Program, I worked as an EMT-B and pharmacy technician to gain clinical experience in the health care field.  I am looking forward to continuing my journey at Marietta College and seeing what the future has in store for me.

Caleb Schwieterman

Caleb S

Hometown: Pleasant City, OH
B.S.: Biology/Chemistry
Mount Union College

I have always had an interest in the field of medicine but was unsure which profession was best for me. I attended the University of Mount Union where I was a biology major and a chemistry minor. The summer before my senior year of undergraduate I began shadowing PA’s in cardiology and orthopedic medicine and quickly knew this was the profession for me. I really like the role the PA plays in the medical team as well as the personability of the profession. I am very excited to begin my career as a PA.  I am currently interested in orthopedics and mental health but I am looking forward to rotations to gain a better understand of all the settings a PA can work in.

Julia Smith

Julia S

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
B.S.: Cell and Molecular Biology/Chemistry
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

I received my bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in 2011. I have always known I wanted to be in medicine, but it was always a question of where.  After much soul searching and shadowing, I knew a physician assistant was right for me. With the supervision of a physician, physician assistants are able to see and treat their own patients. This was the ideal job environment for me. I was unsure I wanted to dedicate the time and money that medical school would require but I still wanted the opportunity to diagnose and treat my patients. Becoming a physician assistant allows me that freedom. Currently I am interested in the field of oncology, specifically pediatric oncology. I look forward to the clinical year to explore the other possibilities and areas in medicine.

Michael S

Hometown: Belleville, IL
B.S.: Biology/Chemistry
Southern Illinois University

My interest in the human body and medicine started way back in the seventh grade.  Early in my undergraduate studies I became a licensed EMT in an effort to gain valuable experience in the health care field.  It was during my Emergency Room EMT training that I became familiar with physician assistants.  I was hooked on learning more about the profession and making myself the strongest candidate possible.  For a year after graduation I worked part time on an ALS ambulance before getting a full time job in a local ER as an ER Technician.  I worked in the ER for almost two years with a group of amazing nurses, physicians, and PA’s who did nothing but reinforce my love of the medical field.  I learned something every day I was there, and I am confident that my experience there has prepared me for the upcoming two years.  I feel honored and excited to be a part of the Class of 2014 at Marietta College.

Kimberlee Suter

Kimberlee S

Hometown: Connellsville, PA
B.A.: Biochemistry/Philosophy
College of Wooster

My interest in becoming a physician assistant began after graduating from The College of Wooster in 2007. While working as a research specialist in the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Orthopedic Research, I was able to interact with many different types of medical professionals, solidifying my choice to become a PA. After shadowing multiple PA’s and volunteering in developmental play/rehabilitation at The Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh, I quickly became interested in the importance of preventive care and health education. As a PA, I hope to have a positive impact on the health of individuals in either low-income or medically underserved communities. I would like to end up in family medicine with an emphasis on prenatal care and preventive health, although I am eager to experience the different specialties during my clinical rotations. I am very excited to start my journey as a PA student at Marietta College, and am honored to be a part of the Class of 2014!

Ellis Thompson

Ellis T

Hometown: Akron, OH
B.S.: Biology/Premedicine
University of Findlay

While completing my bachelor's degree at The University of Findlay, I exposed myself to medicine in a number of ways to help myself prepare for PA school.  Shadowing multiple PA’s in neurosurgery and cardiovascular surgery was the most powerful experience leading me to this profession.  The quality of care these people were able to give their patients is unmatched in medicine and something that I will strive for throughout my life.  While in school, I received training and worked as an EMT, completed an independent research project, worked as a biology, physics, and anatomy tutor, was a member of Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society, and volunteered at the local ER and outpatient surgery center.  All of these experiences have brought me to Marietta College where I will begin my career as a physician assistant.  I am currently interested in primary care and internal medicine, but look forward to all of my rotations.

Christine Widgren

Christine W

Hometown: Lake Orion, MI
B.S.: Biology/Chemistry
Marietta College

I received my bachelor's degree in Biology from Marietta College in May of 2012.  Even before I began my high school years, I was interested in a career in medicine.  While trying to decide which direction I wanted to go, I shadowed several different medical professionals including an orthopedic surgeon, an ER physician, a physical therapist and a few physician assistants.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with all of them, but I was most interested in the role of the physician assistant which helped me solidify my decision to go to PA school.