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Requirements for a major in Spanish:

Twenty-one (21) hours in Spanish in courses numbered 300 and above, including:
  • Spanish 301 and at least one course each in the areas of:
    • language
    • literature
    • culture
  • Six (6) additional hours of related work, chosen by the student with the approval of the Modern Languages Department from the following areas:
    • courses in Spanish numbered 200 and above
    • a second foreign language
    • courses in other departments dealing with the regions where Spanish is spoken, or the culture or literature of Spanish speaking countries
    • courses in Linguistics
  • In addition, majors are required to spend at least one semester in an approved study abroad program in a country where Spanish is spoken as the dominant language, and must complete a set of structured assignments related to their study abroad experience to fulfill the Capstone requirement.


Requirements for a minor in Spanish:

Eighteen hours, including:
  • Spanish 201
  • Spanish 202
  • Spanish 301
  • at least one course in Spanish culture numbered 300 or above
  • at least one course in Spanish literature numbered 300 or above
  • three (3) credit hours of electives as approved by the Modern Languages Department

(Note: Spanish 101 and 102 may not be used as part of these electives.)
Study Abroad is recommended but not required for the Spanish minor.


Spanish courses

Javier Jiminez

Jade Thompson

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Requirements for a minor in Asian Studies:

Twenty-one to twenty-three hours including:
  • 12 hours in Asian History and Asian Literature:
    • Asian History 359
    • Asian History 360
    • Asian Literature 361
    • Asian Literature 362
  • 6-8 hours in Chinese or Japanese language courses (Chinese 130 included)
  • at least 3 hours in other courses chosen from the Asian Studies course list, and approved by the Director of Asian Studies

Asian Studies Language Courses

Visit the Asian Studies website

Dr. Luding Tong
Dr. Matt Young

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Requirements for a minor in European Studies:

Twenty-one to twenty-two hours, including:
  • European Language core
    • Either French 201 and 202, or Spanish 201 and 202
      (Students with proficiency in French or Spanish beyond the 202 level must complete three hours of coursework at the 300-level in that language.)
  • European Studies core:
    • History 121
    • Political Science 203
    • Either History 349 or Political Science 327
  • European Civilizations core:
    • Spanish 330 or one course from French: 130, 131, 330, 331
  • Electives: one from the following, including courses not used above:
    • French 101, 102
    • Spanish 101, 102 if taken as a second European language
    • Art History 361, 362, 366, 369, 371
    • History 120, 121, 329, 339, 340. 349, 352, 354
    • French 301, 310
    • Spanish 301, 310
    • Music 330, 331
    • Philosophy 336, 341, 344
    • Political Science 203, 301, 302, 327
    • Religion 339, 340

A minimum of six hours must be completed at the 300 level.


Dr Ena Vulor

Affiliated faculty in following departments:
Art History
Political Science

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Requirements for a minor in French:

Eighteen hours, including:
  • at least two courses chosen from:
    • French 130
    • French 131
    • French 201
    • French 202
  • nine (9) credit hours in French courses numbered 300 and above
  • three (3) credit hours of electives as approved by the Modern Languages Department.

(Note: French 101 and 102 may not be used as part of these electives.)
Study Abroad is recommended but not required for the French minor.


French Courses

Dr Ena Vulor

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Requirements for a minor in Latin American Studies:

Eighteen to twenty-three hours including:
  • 8 hours in Portuguese or Spanish
  • History 327
  • Leadership/Political Science 260
  • either Economics 372 or Political Science 120
  • one Latin American experiential course from Leadership 350, Spanish 401, or as approved (can be for zero credit) by the director
  • an elective 3 or 4-hour course selected from the courses listed in the Latin American Studies program section of the catalog, or as approved by the director

Students with a language competence in either Portuguese or Spanish equivalent to the 102 level or above are waived out of the 8-hour language requirement but must complete an upper level language course as the elective course.


Latin American Language courses

Javier Jiminez

Jade Thompson

Affiliated Faculty:
Dr. Gama Perruci
Dr. Mike Tager
Dr. David Brown
Dr. Rob McManus

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International Business
The department of Business and Economics is responsible for the major in International Business.
See B&E department for details


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International Leadership Studies
The McDonough Center for Leadership and Business is responsible for the major in International Leadership Studies.
See Leadership program for details



Other courses

Portuguese courses

Japanese courses

Arabic courses

Chinese courses


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Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL):

To earn a certificate in TEFL, a student must complete 18 credit hours.
  • 12 credit hours will be distributed among 4 courses as follows:
    • one course in language analysis (either English 380 or Linguistics 320)
    • one course in language teaching pedagogy (Linguistics 321)
    • one course in language in the social context (either Linguistics 231 or Linguistics 232)
    • one course in second language acquisition (Linguistics 341)
  • In addition, a student must complete 6 credit hours in one foreign language at Marietta College.


Dr. Janie Rees-Miller
Mildred (Gail) Popp
Debbie R. Stodberg

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