Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) requires the completion of 18 credit hours. Courses include foreign language classes as well as language analysis, language teaching pedagogy, language in the social context, and second language acquisition.


To earn a certificate in TEFL, a student must complete 18 credit hours.
  • 12 credit hours will be distributed among 4 courses as follows:
    • one course in language analysis (either English 380 or Linguistics 320)
    • one course in language teaching pedagogy (Linguistics 321)
    • one course in language in the social context (either Linguistics 231 or Linguistics 232)
    • one course in second language acquisition (Linguistics 341)
  • In addition, a student must complete 6 credit hours in one foreign language at Marietta College.


click to expandLinguistics Courses

click to expandLING 231 Language and Society

Language variation according to region, socioeconomic class, age, and ethnicity. Standard and nonstandard dialects, register, and style shifting. Language contact, language policy and planning. Offered alternate years.

Credit: 3 Hours  M,X

click to expandLING 232 Language, Gender, and Culture

Gender patterns in language use and how these reflect cultural presuppositions about men’s and women’s roles. Gender patterns in American English as well as in other languages and cultures will be examined. Offered alternate years.

Credit: 3 Hours  M,X

click to expandLING 320 Introduction to Linguistics

The bases of the scientific study of language: the sounds that make up human languages (phonetics), how sounds are combined (phonology), how words are structured (morphology), how sentences are structured (syntax), how we derive meaning from words, sentences, and texts (semantics). (Also listed as English 320.) Offered alternate years.

Credit: 3 Hours  Q

click to expandLING 321 Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

Principles and techniques of teaching grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a foreign language. How to address problems particular to a foreign language teaching environment. Emphasis is placed on teaching English abroad. Offered alternate years.

Credit: 3 Hours

click to expandLING 341 Principles of Second Language Acquisition

Factors affecting second language acquisition; theories of second language acquisition; acquisition of the sound system, grammar, vocabulary, and social uses of a second language. Offered alternate years.

Credit: 3 Hours




M: Satisfies graduation requirements for Global Issues
X: Satisfies graduation requirements for Diversity
Q: Satisfies graduation requirements for Quantitative Reasoning