Mentor Family Program: Family Application

Personal Information
  1. 1. Do you prefer to be paired with a male or female student?
  2. 2. Do you have any pets inside your home?
  3. 3. Please list your family's hobbies and interests.
  4. 4. Have you served previously as a Mentor Family, a host family, or in any similar capacity?
  5. 5. Please list any information about your career background, education, or other experiences that might be helpful in making the best match possible for your family.
  6. 6. Though most Marietta College international students arrive with strong conversational English, will you be comfortable if matched with a student whose English ability is not ideal?
  7. 7. Please list any other languages spoken in your home, including the level of proficiency.
  8. 8. Please list any countries or regions of the world that most interest you.