Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP) assists international students during their stay at Marietta College, including an orientation to American higher education and the Marietta College community, ongoing support of visa related issues, as well as other concerns students may have in regards to daily life, social, as well as academic adjustment.

One of the important aspects of the OIP is to offer programs, such as Mentor Family programs, Peer-Partnership Program, to assist international students to integrate into American culture. We also organize cultural events, such as Lunar New Year celebration, Ramadan Dinner celebration, to create a platform for all students to explore diverse cultures.

The OIP encourages international students and American students to communicate and collaborate in order to enhance mutual understanding of cultures and customs from different regions of the world. Exploring diverse cultures and getting to know people from different nations will not only broaden your horizon, but also enrich your college experience outside of classrooms.

As a former international student and member of the international community at Marietta College, I strongly encourage international students to take the initiative to introduce your home country and home culture to your American friends. At the same time, please seek help as you need it. The OIP staff members are more than happy to assist you.

I wish you a rewarding and memorable experience at Marietta College.

Xiaotian Li
International Student Coordinator