Recent Research Opportunities

Student-Faculty Summer Research Investigations

Funded by an ASIANetwork-Freeman Foundation summer research fellow grant (2006, China)

From May 21 to June 13, the students and I, Dr. Luding Tong, carried out on-site research in China. The Marietta College's team research project is a cross-disciplinary examination of the advertising industry in contemporary China.

Under my supervision, this project has been conducted collaboratively by Jamie Gougarty, double major in International Business Management and International Leadership Studies; Timothy Kemble, major in Political Science, with a minor in Asian Studies; Lauren Stermer, major in Advertising and Public Relations; and William Sullivan, major in Management, with a minor in Leadership Studies.

We investigated advertising in three major geographic areas: the Guangdong and Hong Kong area, Beijing, and Shanghai (these are the areas where most advertising agencies are located in post-Mao China). Our final stop in this on-site study was Wanfuhu Island in Anhui Province, a scenic area, but poor and backward.

During our 23 days in China, we visited multinational, as well as local, advertising agencies and a public relations company. We had opportunities, to observe how TV ads and TV shows were filmed and spoke with representatives from the above-mentioned agencies and organizations. We also had lectures by the professors from the above-mentioned universities and had discussions with their students.

Through these visits and interviews, the students and I gained a live experience of the process of advertising purchasing, creation, and delivery in China, experienced firsthand how Chinese people felt about contemporary advertising and the West, observed the differences in the creation and delivery of advertisements by local and foreign ad companies, and obtained valuable knowledge and insight regarding the Chinese advertising law and regulations, their implementation, as well as different leadership styles and market strategies enacted by different organizations.

— Dr. Luding Tong
Associate Professor, Chinese/Director of Asian Studies